Who Created the Remix of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ on TikTok?

“Love Story” may have been a single from Taylor Swift‘s 2008 album Fearless, but it has recently seen a resurgence thanks to TikTok. Meet the 22-year-old producer responsible for the unofficial remix of “Love Story” that has become a viral sensation. 

Thadeus Labuszewski
Thadeus Labuszewski | YouTube

Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ is making a comeback 

Fans of Swift have been focused on her most recent release, folklore. As her following is wont to do, many have been spending their time breaking down the lyrics of Swift’s eighth studio album and waiting for a special announcement — which many fans are expecting August 7. 

Meanwhile, on TikTok, Swift’s 2008 single “Love Story” is taking the world by storm — again. 

Thadeus Labuszewski remixed Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’

Labuszewski, better known as Disco Lines on TikTok, was shocked to learn that his remix went viral. “This all came out of nowhere. It was totally unexpected and really amazing,” Labuszewski told Buzzfeed

The 22-year-old’s passion for music evolved into a career as a software engineer. Labuszewski created the Disco Lines persona for a project in college. 

Labuszewski first uploaded the unofficial remix to YouTube in April 2019. “I wanted to take a classic Taylor Swift song and turn it into a deep house banger,” he said in the original video. 

He proceeded to educate viewers on how to turn a song into a deep house remix. More than a year after Labuszewski released the song, it has become a viral sensation on the TikTok app. 

A college project becomes a viral sensation 

Once TikTok users discovered the remix, it didn’t take long for Labuszewski’s audio to go viral. TikTok has been a significant influence on a lot of today’s music. Many artists have TikTok-user generated dances to thank for how quickly their music gained popularity. 

Song-related dance challenges have become extremely popular on the app, and Labuszewski’s remix is no different. Like the dances to “Savage” and “Renegade,” users have recreated the dance to Labuszewski’s “Love Story” remix, adding their flare each time. 


Pov: We see you at a party and try to impress you with our dance skills (we couldn’t stop laughing) #GimmeLove #impress #party #ReadingList

♬ Love Story Discolines – ethanishung

Over 3.9 million videos have been created using a sample of Labuszewski’s remix. While each TikTok user adds something unique to their recreation of the dance, the iconic hip thrusts at the end are always included.

Over time, TikTok users started getting more creative. As inspired by PokemonMasterzo, people began using anything from skateboards to robot vacuum cleaners to mimic the now iconic pull away of the camera.


POV: ur my phone on a skateboard being propped up by a bottle of all™️ free and clear laundry detergent for sensitive skin #fyp SlurpeeSummer

♬ Love Story Discolines – ethanishung

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Disco Lines’ remix is what the world needs right now

For Disco Lines, having his remix go viral couldn’t be more exciting. Working on the remix for only an hour, Labuszewski uploaded the file to the internet and said he “thought nothing of it.”

Imagine his surprise when, a year later, his remix is being used by millions of TikTok users. 

“Every video I see of someone dancing to my remix puts a massive smile across my face,” he told Buzzfeed. “I’m so glad to see people laughing and dancing to the song. It feels like the perfect shot of serotonin the world needs right now.”

As someone with a dream of working in the music industry, Labuszewski is happy to be doing what he loves. “If I’m able to make someone else’s day, it truly gives me a sense of accomplishment,” he added. “I live for that feeling as someone who loves making music.” 

Disco Lines has opened for artists like Hippie Sabotage, Cut Snake, and Justin Jay. Fans can’t wait to see what this music producer comes up with next.