‘Criminal Minds’: Fans Weigh in on Garcia and Morgan’s ‘Friendship’: ‘The Dynamic Between the 2 of Them Is Awesome’

There are a number of aspects of the hit series Criminal Minds that fans have come to love about the series. One of those involves the relationship between Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangness) and Agent Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore). Their friendship is a unique one, and they’ve been known to call each other pet names while working together. Fans recently weighed in on Garcia and Morgan’s “friendship.” We have all the details to know.

Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness in 'Criminal Minds'
Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness in ‘Criminal Minds’ | Darren Michaels/CBS via Getty Images

Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan’s friendship in ‘Criminal Minds’

Garcia and Morgan worked together as integral members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit catching the unsubs for many years – over a decade to be more exact. They are good friends who happen to work together. But their friendship is an unusual one between co-workers. They call each other pet names, such as Morgan calling Garcia “baby girl” on numerous occasions. They make jokes and comments that could be considered inappropriate or flirtatious to some, but it’s part of their close-knit relationship.

They are best friends, and it’s obvious to anyone in the room with these two that they have chemistry together. But they’ve remained just friends despite any comments that might make viewers think it was more than that. Garcia and Morgan care about each other a lot, and their friendship enhances their working relationship until Morgan leaves the BAU in season 11, although he does return in later episodes, and they’ve proven they still care about each other.

Fans weigh in on Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan’s ‘friendship’ in ‘Criminal Minds’

Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness in 'Criminal Minds'
Shemar Moore and Kirsten Vangsness in ‘Criminal Minds’ | CBS via Getty Images

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On July 24, 2021, a fan on Reddit made a post titled, “Penelope and Morgan’s friendship is the best in the show so far.” They continue, “I am currently in s3 ep10. I like how Morgan talks to her, and how [he’s] there for her, like how he was there for her when she got shot in season three.”

Fans weighed in on the situation in the comments when it comes to Garcia and Morgan’s “friendship.” Some fans are positive about their friendship and how the two characters interact on a daily basis.

“I know right they’re so cool to see,” a fan said about the two characters.

Another fan loves that their relationship “remains” the way it is. Despite the years, it’s clear these two are just as close as can be, and it doesn’t matter which season you watch that includes the both of them.

“I love that it always remains that way,” they said.

One fan calls their dynamic “awesome.” “The dynamic between the two of them is awesome,” they said.

1 fan prefers ‘Morgan’s friendship with Spencer more’

However, not everyone seems to agree. One fan prefers Morgan’s friendship with Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) more than his friendship with Garcia.

“It cringes me out if I’m being honest,” the fan said. “I like Morgan’s friendship with Spencer more.”

Another fan said the ‘baby girl comment wears thin’

While another fan says Morgan’s “baby girl” comments “wears thin” after a while. It’s Morgan’s pet name for Garcia, so it’s definitely heard quite often in the series.

“I really like Morgan too – one of the top actors by far on the show – but the ‘baby girl’ comment wears thin after the 80th time in 2 seasons…” the fan said. “Garcia is a great character to counteract the others who have more serious responsibilities.”

Fans have different opinions when it comes to Garcia and Morgan’s friendship on the hit series Criminal Minds.