Critics Are Slamming Jana Duggar’s Post About Her ‘Selfless’ Mom, Michelle Duggar

Those who follow the Duggars know Michelle Duggar quite well. She and Jim Bob Duggar are the parents of 19 kids, and they raise their children in a fundamentalist Christian household rich with rules and bizarre traditions. While the older Duggar kids are in the spotlight now, they’re still paying homage to their parents in various ways. And we’re seeing more Instagram posts and YouTube videos dedicated to Michelle than ever before.

Jana Duggar is 30 years old, and she’s still living under her parents’ roof. Many have criticized the oldest Duggar daughter in the past for not making a life of her own, but Jana’s very thankful for her parents. And her recent Instagram tribute to Michelle is causing quite a ruckus.

Jessa Duggar created a tribute video to her mom, Michelle Duggar

The Duggars get a lot of flack for their upbringing, but none of the Duggar kids have talked against their parents. And Jessa created videos for both her mother and father to tell her followers what she loves and appreciates most about them.

In Jessa’s video dedicated to Michelle, she talked about how loving, kind, and generous her mother is. “When I’m out and about, I often get people who come up to me and say, ‘I love your mom. She is just the sweetest lady,'” Jessa noted. They’re always commenting on her patience in parenting and how gentle she is, how soft-spoken she is, and, I have to say, all those things are true.”

While Michelle was kind, Jessa knew she was stern — and she had her own way of talking to all her kids when she was angry. “Whenever she would feel herself getting frustrated, she, instead of raising her voice, would purposely lower her voice,” Jessa explained. “You know if mom is whispering, she means business.”

Jana Duggar made an Instagram tribute to her mother

Jessa’s not the only one creating content dedicated to Michelle. For Mother’s Day, Jana created an Instagram post for her mom — and it comes complete with old photos of Michelle when all the oldest Duggar kids were just toddlers.

“Mom, If I were to think of one word to describe you, the first word that comes to mind is ‘selfless,'” Jana captioned the post. “You are always giving of your time, energy and resources to bless others. I honestly don’t know how you do all that you do!”

The oldest Duggar daughter then went on to explain that Michelle was always around to help clean up the kids’ messes, help them look for lost items, and pray for them when they needed it.

“If we’re searching for guidance or direction in any area of life, you point us to wisdom from the Word of God,” Jana added. “If we have messed up and failed miserably, even broken your heart, you are always there for us, forgiving us before we even ask, and forever loving us unconditionally.”

Family critics are slamming the photos of Michelle that Jana posted


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Many of Jana’s Instagram followers loved the post — but users on Reddit have their own opinion. Some thought the photos Jana chose to share of Michelle show how lifeless she looked even when she was just entering motherhood.

“Man you can see the life sucked right out of her eyes in this,” a Reddit user noted. “Never realized it happened so early on.”

“This is the same look my mom gives right before she loses her temper,” another wrote.

“The food on the plate just looks like fries with a side of tater tots,” another noted. “Michelle’s recipes never wavered! She treated the kids equally through the years by ensuring they all never had fresh veggies lol.”

And many others made fun of Michelle’s maternity wear, as it seriously shows how the times have changed.

Jana might get some hate for the throwback photos, but we’re also curious to compare the Duggars back then versus now. We hope she continues posting despite the backlash, though!

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