‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 Update: New Cast and Characters Announced

Jessica Biel officially added Cruel Summer to her list of anthology series that she produces with a new cast for season 2. Like The SinnerCruel Summer Season 2 on Freeform will introduce an entirely new cast with new characters and a brand new storyline. However, it will follow the same method of storytelling, with three different years surrounding Y2K as the new focus.

‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 cast and characters: Megan, Isabella, and Luke

Cruel Summer continues the show’s format as an anthology series but introduces entirely new characters. Sadie Stanley (The Goldbergs) stars as Megan Landry. Like in Cruel Summer Season 1, the storyline revolves around two teen girls and one teen boy. In season 1, Olivia Holt and Chiara Aurelia portrayed the two leading teen roles as Kate Wallis and Jeanette Turner. In season 2, Megan Landry and Isabella become the focus.

Megan is “a computer coder and honor student from a blue-collar family,” the Freeform press release reads. “Once Megan meets Isabella, she begins to live in the moment and embrace her true self. When events take a tragic turn, her long-held dreams are dashed, and she is left wondering who she can trust.”

'Cruel Summer' Season 2 cast member Griffin Gluck smiles for photographers at Netflix's 'Locke & Key' Series Premiere
Griffin Gluck | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Cruel Summer Season 2 finds the two girls living in the same house. Also, Eloise Payet joins the cast as Isabella. She moves in with Megan Landry’s family as an exchange student. Megan is the daughter of foreign diplomats. However, she “shakes up life in this small town.” Plus, she’s hiding a secret about the real reason she came to live with the Landrys.

Additionally, Griffin Gluck joins the Cruel Summer Season 2 cast as Luke Chambers. Luke is Megan’s best friend, who comes from a wealthy family. His character is similar to Jamie Henson (Froy Gutierrez) from season 1. Will the two girls fight over Luke? If things follow the same format, he’s probably involved with both teens throughout the three years.

“Luke finds himself at a crossroads as he tries to establish his own place in the world, separate from the expectations of his powerful father,” the Freeform press release continues.

‘Private Practice’ stars reunite in ‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2

'Cruel Summer' Season 2 Paul Adelstein and Kadee Strickland sit together staring at something in 'Private Practice' cast members
‘Private Practice’: Paul Adelstein and Kadee Strickland | Jordan Althaus/Disney General Entertainment Content/Getty Images

KaDee Strickland joins the Cruel Summer Season 2 cast as Megan’s single mom, Debbie. Viewers might recognize Strickland as Charlotte King from Shondaland’s Private Practice. She reunites with her former co-cast member, Paul Adelstein —Cooper Freedman in Private Practice. In Cruel Summer Season 2, Debbie believes that hosting Isabella “will open Megan’s eyes to a bigger world than their small town.” Adelstein portrays Luke’s wealthy and influential father, Steve Chambers.

‘Cruel Summer’ Season 2 cast: Lisa Yamada and Sean Blakemore

Lisa Yamada joins the cast from Little Fires Everywhere as a popular musician, Parker. 

The press release describes Parker as “a popular musician who becomes more cynical as the world takes a dark turn around her.” However, it’s not evident what involvement she has with Megan and Isabella. She most likely is one of the girl’s friends, similar to Mallory (Harley Quinn Smith) in season 1.


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Lastly, Sean Blakemore from Greenleaf plays Sheriff Myer. He is described as “an old-fashioned law-and-order type, under pressure to solve the first major crime in Chatham.”

Cruel Summer Season 2 returns to Freeform sometime in 2022.