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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation aired on CBS from 2000 to 2015. The creator made the show realistic after he had a frightening encounter during a ride-along with an officer. The TV series obtained high ratings and spawned multiple spinoffs. 

Currently, an upcoming sequel is in the works called CSI: Vegas, but it will be a limited run. One thing on many people’s minds as they wait is who will appear on the cast list. Will any of the veteran stars return for the revival? 

A few familiar faces have joined ‘CSI: Vegas’

(L-R) Jorja Fox and William Petersen
(L-R) Jorja Fox and William Petersen | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

CSI: Vegas is a sequel spinoff to the hit series CSI that will premiere later this year. The crime drama will be the fifth entry in the CSI franchise, and it will follow a dedicated team of forensic investigators. A few of the beloved characters will make a return, and the show will introduce new ones as well. 

William Petersen is one of the original cast members, and he will reprise his role as Gil Grissom. Fans will get to see the character solve grisly crimes as a forensic entomologist. Of course, his wife, Sara Sidle, also will appear in the new series. Jorja Fox will come back to portray Sara. 

From seasons 3 to 15, David Hodges worked with the forensic team as a trace technician. Fans can expect Wallace Langham to return as the germ-fearing character. It does not seem like any of the other original stars will reprise their roles. There is a chance they may make a surprise appearance or could get mentioned by other protagonists. 

The cast of ‘CSI: Vegas’ also has new stars

While the CSI revival will bring back some familiar faces, viewers can expect to meet new group members at the Las Vegas Crime Lab. So far, the network has revealed four new characters. According to Parade, one of the new cast members is Paula Newsome. 

Newsome will portray a woman named Maxine Roby. In the world of CSI: Vegas, Maxine is the head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. She will oversee the team as they face a grave threat that could bring down the Crime Lab. 

Another actor who will join the show as a series regular is Matt Lauria. Fans will see Lauria play the role of Josh Folsom. Josh is a level III CSI, and he will usually work cases as the lead investigator. Mel Rodriguez has joined the main cast as Hugo Ramirez, and Hugo is the head medical examiner. 

Last but not least, Mandeep Dhillon is set to portray Allie Rajan. Allie is an immigrant who works as a level II CSI. Even though not much is known about them, fans will get to learn more about these protagonists as the episodes air. 

A couple of recurring and guest roles

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There is only a couple of recurring and guest roles that fans already know. Paul Guilfoyle used to be a main cast member for CSI, but he will not return as a regular star for CSI: Vegas. Instead, the actor will make a guest appearance as Jim Brass. Fans can expect to see the homicide detective once or twice. 

Jamie McShane is an American actor, and he has had numerous minor roles in television. People may recognize him from Sons of Anarchy or his performance in Bloodline. McShane got cast as a recurring character in CSI: Vegas.  

McShane will play a man named Anson Wix. Anson is not going to be a forensic expert in the series. Instead, he will occasionally appear as a civil attorney.