‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: Are Larry David and Cheryl Hines Married?

If you’re familiar with Curb Your Enthusiasm, you might have wondered if its stars, Larry David and Cheryl Hines, are actually married.

Larry David and Cheryl Hines of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Larry David and Cheryl Hines of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ | Mark Sullivan/WireImage

They’re not, but they could be.

Cheryl Hines says there are quite a few people who think they’re married

The thing about it is, Larry David uses his real name on the hugely popular HBO comedy. While Cheryl Hines, on the show, uses the name Cheryl David. And so, viewers can be forgiven for assuming that they actually are husband and wife, as Cheryl Hines says she has been asked when she is out in public.

The actress revealed in a conversation with Access in Jan. 2020, that fans of the show will stop her and ask, ” ‘Where’s Larry?’ I mean, I will be in an airport eating at the food court and somebody will come over [and say], ‘Where’s Larry?’ And I’m like ‘I’m not married to him.’ “

“But yeah, it’s funny, it’s funny because it’s confusing for people because my name is Cheryl on the show, I’m Cheryl David on the show, so it kind of makes sense.”

Larry David’s real-life other half

Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm married Laurie Lennard in 1993. They met when Laurie was scheduling comedians for former late-night host David Letterman. They had two daughters and subsequently divorced in 2007.

Laurie is an avid environmental activist, who revealed that she didn’t really feel aware of what was happening with our environment until she sat down for a meal with Robert Kennedy, Jr.

“I sat down to breakfast with Bobby Kennedy and I got up from that table and I have not been the same since,” she told Grist in 2004. “When Bobby talks about the environment, he frames it like a civil-rights issue, and it is. That resonated with me. It rearranged me completely. . .”

What did Kennedy say that convinced Laurie so quickly and completely?

“The gist was that everybody should have the right to clean air and water,” she said, “the way they should have the right to affordable health care and racial equality . . . I walked away from that breakfast and I said, ‘OK, forget TV producing.’ “

Larry has now been dating producer Ashley Underwood for two years.

Speaking of Robert Kennedy, Jr. . .

Cheryl Hines has been married to the son of senator Robert F. Kennedy since their 2014 Hyannis Port wedding. She talked to Closer Weekly about the gaping disparity between what fans say to her and what they have said to her husband.

“Someone will come up to Bobby basically in tears and say, ‘What you and your family have done for our country and human rights and democracy has been so important to me and my family,’ ” she said.

Then two minutes later, someone will come up to me and say, ‘I remember that time on Curb Your Enthusiasm when you had diarrhea in the car wash, and it really made us laugh.’”

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