‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: Larry David’s Crucial, But Reluctant, Role in Bringing Cheryl Hines and Robert Kennedy, Jr. Together

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Cheryl Hines has been married to Robert Kennedy, Jr., since 2014. Their union is Hines’ second marriage and Kennedy’s third.

How they met involves her HBO series co-star, Larry David, and of course, it’s funny.

Cheryl Hines and Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Cheryl Hines and Robert Kennedy, Jr. | Dia Dipasupil/WireImage

Larry David was the unwitting matchmaker of Cheryl Hines and Robert Kennedy, Jr.

The third time was the charm in bringing the couple together for the HBO star. According to The New York Times, David introduced the pair to one another at three skiing events: the first time, in Banff, Alberta; the next meeting was at a ski resort in Deer Valley, Utah; and finally, the one that “took,” a ski trip at another resort in Aspen, Colorado.

Robert Kennedy Jr (left) and Larry David
Robert Kennedy Jr (left) and Larry David | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Kennedy was attracted to the mother of one but had his reservations about dating an actress. He expressed his hesitations to David, who reassured him of Hines’ personal character saying, “She’s the most solid person I’ve ever met, and the most beloved person among her peers. Nothing you ever do will rattle her.”

Hines’ version of how she met her husband

While the official story of Hines and Kennedy’s fateful meeting takes place on a ski slope, Hines tells it differently. Each account of the romantic encounter contains the common denominator of Larry David, and that’s all that matters.

The 54-year-old actress spoke with Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM program, The Jenny McCarthy Show, in Feb. 2020. The two chatted about Hines’ marriage and her costar’s misgivings about his TV wife’s relationship with the environmental attorney having any chance of succeeding.

McCarthy kicked off the topic by asking if it was true that Larry David had introduced Hines to her husband.

“He did! But he didn’t introduce us like, ‘Hey, you guys should be together.’ I went to, Bobby was doing a fundraiser for Waterkeeper, his organization to keep water clean, and Larry asked me if I wanted to go, and I said ‘oh yeah, I’ll go.’ Then I met Bobby and then years later, Bobby and I sort of looked at each other like, ‘Hey. Hey! You’re so cute!’ “

As far as optimism is concerned, Hines says Larry David is ‘not that guy’

Hines went on in her conversation with Jenny McCarthy, explaining how love blossomed between her and the nephew of slain president John F. Kennedy, and how the 72-year-old David didn’t see anything good about it.

“And then I called Larry and I said, ‘I think Bobby and I might go out.’ And he’s like, ‘That’s a terrible idea. That’s not gonna end well.’ And I said, ‘Ok, you’re probably right, but I’m gonna risk it.’ “

McCarthy, wondering what makes David the curmudgeon he is, asked “Why do you think he’d say that?”

Hines replied, laughing, “Oh, well, I mean, he’s not an optimist. I can’t imagine that I would say, ‘Hey! I’m gonna go out with this person, how do you think that’s gonna go?’ I can’t imagine one person where he’d be like ‘Oh! Great idea! You guys have fun!’ He’s not that guy.”

Luckily, Larry David was wrong, as it seems that these two are in it for keeps.

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