DaBaby’s Bowling Alley Fight: What We Know About His Altercation With DaniLeigh’s Brother

Controversy always finds its way back to rapper DaBaby. From his homophobic statements at a 2021 concert to a slew of legal problems in prior years, the 30-year-old’s reputation has plummeted with each new headline. After his public breakup with singer-songwriter DaniLeigh, DaBaby and his crew were caught on camera fist-fighting with her brother, Brandon Bills, at a bowling alley of all places. Here’s what we know about the altercation. 

DaBaby’s contentious relationship with DaniLeigh

DaBaby first met DaniLeigh on the set of one of his music videos when he hired her as the choreographer. Their relationship was murky moving forward. At the time, DaBaby was still with his ex, MeMe. However, after DaBaby appeared in one of Danileigh’s videos, rumors started to spread about their relationship. 

The celebrity rumor mill can be hard to follow, but MeMe threw fire onto it with a tweet alleging that her partner was seeing somebody else. Talk heated up when DaBaby quarantined not with the mother of his children, but with DaniLeigh. The couple’s daughter, born in 2021, seemed to confirm what everyone thought about their relationship.

However, the rapper later posted pictures with MeMe and his children, causing many to speculate that they were back together. DaniLeigh went on a social media frenzy. The 27-year-old posted several pictures with DaBaby after he claimed their relationship was little more than a fling.

“Y’all gotta try to have more love this early in the day,” she said. “But at the end of the day I’m human … that man was 100 percent single ‘to me’ when we started … I’m done talking about it tho I promise. Ready to get this money and drop this album. Good morning everyone and have a blessed day today,” she posted.

The drama kept on coming. A recent trip to a bowling alley brought it all back into the public eye.

DaBaby goes outside the lane

Ye and DaBaby hug at the jeen-yuhs experience and special screening celebrating Netflix's new documentary, "jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy"
(L-R) DaBaby hugs Ye at a special screening celebrating Netflix documentary, ‘jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy’ | Johnny Nunez/Getty Images for Netflix

In early February, DaBaby fought Bills in an event caught by multiple cameras at different angles. The fight started when Bills confronted his sister’s ex. Within seconds, the brawl broke into the bowling lanes. The footage set social media ablaze, as it added a hint of slapstick comedy to an otherwise dramatic situation. After DaBaby got a handful of Bills’ hair, he dragged his ex’s brother around the floor. 

It wasn’t the first time the couple’s drama played out on camera. During their time together, DaBaby live-streamed an argument with DaniLeigh that publicly spilled out onto the internet. According to him, he filmed her in case she got physical. According to her, he weaponized the public to take his side of the story.

The ensuing split shed light on how toxic things got near the end. However, the bowling alley fight showed that it’s gone far beyond petty internet grievances and social media tirades. Despite the humor of this all happening at a bowling alley, it’s a serious matter.

What’s happening with DaBaby and DaniLeigh now?

The incident was only the latest in a long line of controversies beyond the Rolling Loud comments. As The Sun reports, in September 2021, DaBaby’s crew was filmed assaulting a man who approached the rapper outside of a club. Add this to the 2018 acquittal on a murder charge, as reported by Digital Music News, and DaBaby’s violent streak is nothing new. 

However, DaniLeigh is also under the microscope. In November 2021, TMZ reported that she was being charged with assault. The “Easy” singer denies the allegations.

This incident is another ugly high-profile breakup gone awry. While it’s easy for fans to laugh at the clumsy bowling alley fight, it goes deeper. As of now, Bills is suing DaBaby for the brawl. If history tells us anything, DaBaby will not go down quietly. Until then, one can hope that this is the last instance between DaBaby, DaniLeigh, and their families. 

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