DaBaby Just Answered Tough Questions About Criticism of His Flow, Songs Sounding the Same, Oversaturation, and More

Fresh off the debut of another new music project, rapper DaBaby is confronting some of his criticisms. He was recently asked about releasing new music, fans talking about his flow, and much more.

Enterting 2020, DaBaby was one of the biggest artists of 2019, having had hit albums like Kirk and huge singles such as “Suge” and “Bop.” Earlier this year he released Blame it on Baby. It debuted No. 1 on Billboard’s top 200 albums chart, becoming his second straight No. 1 and his third straight top 10 album release.

However, the album was met with some backlash leading up to it, many fans believed that DaBaby wasn’t switching up his flow enough. He did switch up his flow on Blame it on Baby, even singing some on the album, he accusations still plagued him. Many fans also thought that his songs were beginning to sound the same and he was releasing music too quickly.

A deluxe edition of Blame It on Baby was released recently and included a lot of new songs.

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DaBaby responds to tough questions with candid responses

In an interview with Complex, DaBaby fielded questions about the criticism he has received from fans lately, from his flow to the fact that he seems to release music too frequently. He was asked about the video for “Oprah’s Bank Account,” which features a skit referencing the fact a lot of people think his music sounds the same.

He told the publication, “That really wasn’t even my idea to do that skit. That was Yachty’s idea. That was just a joke Yachty made. He didn’t warn me about it or nothing. Everything we did in the skits was just off the top of the head. It was all improv. Really, the funniest s**t we did ended up not making the final video. I need to call him and tell him he needs to post it or something, because it was hilarious. Everybody on set was dying. I couldn’t even keep a straight face.”

He continued, “That was dope, though. I don’t ever run away from addressing s**t like that. It was just funny as h**l when he did it in the skit, so I just kept going. It was all natural. Wasn’t none of that planned out. That was fresh to me when I heard it.”

He always released music at this cadence

While it may feel like the DaBaby has been inundating audiences with his music too frequently, it’s actually not a surprise if you are a longtime fan. Before be broke through to the mainstream, the rapper typically released projects back-to-back without much time in between them.

He explained, “When I get bored with music, that’s when I drop music. Don’t nobody else got nothing going on. When I have nothing to listen to, that’s when I say, all right, somebody needs to drop some music. I’m about to do it. I’ll let the game tell me when to drop music. If it was up to me, I’d drop music every damn day. But that ain’t really the way it go.”

The deluxe edition of Blame It on Baby is currently available for streaming on all major music platforms.