Dallas Austin Reveals Chilli of TLC Left Him for Usher

Usher and Chilli of TLC are remembered as one of Hollywood’s cutest couples. The two split and their breakup was painful for both, with Chilli admitting to having a hard time moving on.

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What many do not know is that Chilli began her relationship amid a breakup with Dallas Austin. Chilli and Austin dated on and off for several years. Austin says learning of Chilli’s relationship with Usher was devastating and embarrassing. 

A recap of Dallas Austin and Chill’s relationship 

Austin and Chilli met while he was producing for TLC. The two began a relationship but their relationship was riddled with infidelity on Austin’s part. 

Early on in the relationship, Chilli became pregnant with their first child. She chose to terminate the pregnancy after her position in TLC was jeopardized.

She’s been open about how not following through with the pregnancy caused her personal emotional havoc. As a result, she stayed with Austin due to her guilt despite his infidelity.

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Amo Mama reports that Chilli once said the abortion was her biggest regret and that it affected her psychologically in how she viewed Austin.

“It messed me up. It broke my spirit. I felt like a gave in, and I broke to what someone else wanted. I cried every day for nine years and stayed with Austin to become pregnant again because the baby I didn’t have was with him,” she said.

Their son Tron was born in 1997 and they split shortly after his birth. 

Dallas Austin says he was devastated by Chilli beginning a relationship with Usher

After nearly a decade together, Chilli grew tired of her rollercoaster relationship with Austin. Within months, she was seen smiling on the arm of Usher. Usher was once Chilli’s label mate and an artist Austin also produced for. 

In a new interview with Angela Yee on FOX Soul, Austin detailed how Chilli ended things for good after she met Usher.

Oh, I wanted to kill everybody because honestly, I was friends with Usher too. We’re two different people. We always have been. But it was crazy because I moved to Miami. I was just so fed up. ‘I got to get out of Atlanta. Things are going too crazy.’ I moved to Miami, I sat up in that house. Me and her first broke up then. I started working on music in Miami, in this house where I set up all my equipment. But by the time I called and said, ‘Hey, let’s be together in Miami.’ She said, ‘No, no, no. It’s a wrap. I’m done.’

Dallas Austin on FOX Soul with Angela Yee

Chilli says Usher was a true love of her life

Usher and Chilli dated from 2001 to 2003, with Chilli appearing in his music video for his hit single “U Got It Bad.” Their breakup was rumored to be due to infidelity but Chilli revealed in a VH1 special that she cheating was not the cause of their split.

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“I never thought of him cheating, I don’t know … I didn’t expect anything like that from him because of how much we loved each other,” Huffington Post reports.

But she did learn that he began dating someone else while they were on a break.

“I kept hearing about it, then I went to him and I asked him and he admitted it. You know I just, I felt like a fool, I felt like everybody knew something and I didn’t, and I’m just now finding out,” she continued.

Despite such, she refers to Usher as her first love, and the greatest of her life aside from having her son.