Dan Bilzerian’s Staggering Net Worth Has Shady Origins

Dan Bilzerian is the high-stakes gambling, gun-toting, hard-partying “King of Instagram.” He has a staggering net worth, legions of barely-clad women who follow him around, and multiple flamboyant vehicles, all of which are used to impress his millions of online followers.  Seriously, if you’ve never looked at his Instagram, you’re either going to be disgusted, or want to be him. There’s really no in-between. Bilzerian claims to make his fortune from poker games, but not everyone believes this story. Some say there’s a far more sinister source for his money. 

Dan Bilzerian smiling with his hand near his mouth
Dan Bilzerian | Prodip Guha/Getty Images

What is Dan Bilzerian’s net worth?

He didn’t get much attention as a child, but he sure if getting lots of it now. Bilzerian is the son of millionaire businessman and convicted felon, Paul Bilzerian. But his dad was more concerned with making money, in any way possible, than hanging out with him. “Basically I didn’t get a ton of attention as a kid,” Bilzerian said in GQ, “I guess that’s why I’m such a flashy lunatic.”

When Bilzerian was 10 years old, his father was convicted of nine counts of stock and tax fraud, and went to prison. However, before he went away, the older Bilzerian did everything in his power to protect his fortune from seizure by the government. He was ordered to pay $62 million, but only ended up turning in around $3.7 million, keeping the rest for himself and his family. 

Now, the younger Bilzerian has a net worth estimated at $150 million, according to Money Inc. to $199 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He admits that he did inherit some trust funds when he turned 30, but insists that most of his fortune was made betting on private, high-stakes poker games. 

Dan Bilzerian is famous online

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Known by several nicknames online, including the king of Instagram, and the most interesting man on Instagram, Bilzerian is certainly popular with his followers, all 31 million of them. He uses his massive wealth to demonstrate an excessive lifestyle that probably makes many people jealous.

He’s always surrounded by a group of almost-naked, or actually naked women, plenty of guns, and lots of liquor. Bilzerian and his groupies are usually in exotic locations, and often doing extreme activities.

Some of his most outrageous Instagram snaps include the time he posted a photo of himself and a group of naked women lying on top of each other, suggesting group sex, with the caption, “Date night,” or, the photo with a group of bikini-clad women, wearing high heels, and carrying machine guns, which he captioned, “I wanted to stay home and play video games, but my associates convinced me to take them shooting.”

You could say he’s living the dream for most guys. But his lifestyle certainly gets lots of hate too, especially the way he flaunts money. 

Does Dan Bilzerian’s fortune have shady origins?

Bilzerian claims that most of his money comes from playing poker, but it’s rare that the public is able to watch him play. According to Upswing Poker, Bilzerian has only won one live recorded poker event. In 2009, he participated in the WSOP Main Event, and finished in 180th place. That doesn’t exactly speak well for his poker skills. 

Now, Bilzerian claims to only play private, cash games with non-professionals. Unfortunately, that set up doesn’t allow anyone to track his winnings or his income. So, we’re pretty much going by his word. 

A YouTube video made by former professional poker player, Doug Polk tackled the subject of Bilzerian’s income. In the video, which has been seen by over 1.5 million viewers, Polk analyzed Bilzerian’s poker skills and determined that he doesn’t behave like a player capable of winning on a regular basis. 

Another professional poker player, Jonathan Grotenstein agrees that Bilzerian’s main skills aren’t in the game. “I think Dan is more about using poker as part of an image that he’s trying to create, and I think there are a lot of people out there who will lend him a private jet, or let him test drive a ridiculous car,” Grotenstein told GQ. 

However, Bilzerian never claimed to be the best poker player. Instead, he claims that he has access to, and is good at picking, the most lucrative private cash games.

Considering the evidence, most people believe that while Bilzerian may make some money from poker, the majority of his income probably comes from his father’s fortune. That is, the money he was supposed to pay the government. However, just like his father, we’ll probably never know the full story behind Bilzerian’s income.