Daniel Craig Once Joked About Being ‘Slightly Worried’ at the Idea of Quentin Tarantino Directing a James Bond Film

Quentin Tarantino has always been a fan of the James Bond franchise. He’s even come close to directing his own Bond movie every now and then. When it comes to modern-day Bond Daniel Craig, however, the actor made a quick quip about looking ‘slightly worried’ at Tarantino leading his franchise.

Quentin Tarantino wanted to do a James Bond movie after ‘Pulp Fiction’

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As some know, Quentin Tarantino had been interested in directing a James Bond film for quite some time. He came close with a drunken pitch he made to former 007 Pierce Brosnan about an edgier Bond interpretation. Brosnan himself once recalled the meeting they had with Esquire.

“It was after Kill Bill Vol. 2, and he wanted to meet me, so I went up to Hollywood one day from the beach, and I met him at the Four Seasons,” Brosnan said.

By the time the pair met up, they had both gotten fairly drunk later on into their meeting.

“He was pounding the table, saying you’re the best James Bond, I wanna do James Bond, and it was very close quarters in the restaurant and I thought, please calm down, but we don’t tell Quentin Tarantino to calm down,” the actor continued.

Speaking to New York Daily News, Tarantino gave a glimpse of what his Bond film might have looked like.

“Someday I’m going to get the rights to do Casino Royale, the first James Bond novel, and do it the right way,” Tarantino said according to Warped Factor. “I really wanted it to be my follow-up to Pulp Fiction and do it with Pierce Brosnan, but have it take place after the events of On Her majesty’s Secret Service – after Bond’s wife, Tracy, has been killed.”

Daniel Craig joked that he looked ‘slightly worried’ at the idea of Quentin Tarantino directing a Bond movie

Daniel Craig once made a slight quip about the idea of Quentin Tarantino helming a Bond film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Craig stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview. Kimmel had asked the Quantum Solace actor about Tarantino making some ‘overtures’ about directing a Bond movie. Afterward, the host showed Craig a photo of Tarantino and Craig at a party.

“Overtures, is that what you call it?” Craig said before addressing the picture. “Don’t I look slightly worried?”

Quentin Tarantino ranks Daniel Craig under these three James Bond actors

As a clearly passionate fan of James Bond, Quentin Tarantino also has his opinions regarding the actors who’ve played Bond. In an interview with Empire, the Django Unchained director gave his ranking of his favorite 007 performers.

“Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, then just a little under him, Roger Moore. And then everybody else,” Tarantino said.

With him not including Craig within those top three, it would appear the filmmaker lumped Craig in with the ‘everybody else.’ And although Brosnan was one of Tarantino’s favorite Bonds, he didn’t feel the same for Brosnan’s Bond movies.

“Connery’s at the top, but I really, really like Pierce Brosnan. I didn’t care for the movies that they put him in, which I always thought was a bit of a tragedy, because I thought he was a very legitimate Bond,” he said.

Tarantino also shouted out his third favorite Bond in Roger Moore.

“I’m a huge Roger Moore fan — I just like Roger Moore a little better when he’s not playing Bond,” the director added.

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