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Darren Star appears to have another hit to add to his long list of successful shows. Uncoupled premiered on Netflix on July 29. When the screen went black on the last of season one’s eight episodes, fans were left with many questions. Viewers don’t know what will happen between Michael and his ex, and they don’t know how Stanley’s health crisis will unfold. Most importantly, fans wondered exactly who fathered Suzanne’s son Kai. Star revealed that while the plan was always to leave fans wanting for more, there was one cliffhanger that the writing team seriously considered giving away before the screen went dark on Uncoupled

Uncoupled is being compared to ‘Sex and the City’ 

Darren Star is best known for his work on Sex and the City. The iconic HBO project followed Carrie Bradshaw and her pals as they navigated life and romance in New York City. Uncoupled isn’t all that different. Instead of following a woman in her 30s through her dating woes, Uncoupled tells the tale of Michael, a man who finds himself unexpectedly back in the dating market after his partner, Colin, shocks him with a breakup. 

Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley James and Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson
Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley James and Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson | Netflix © 2022

There is plenty of evidence to support the opinion. Michael, the Carrie of the group, is surrounded by three best friends, just like Carrie. They are all navigating life in New York, just like the Sex and the City characters. Still, Uncoupled does distinguish itself from Star’s other projects, and it’s in a really refreshing way. 

Darren Star considered giving away one big cliffhanger 

Fans can’t agree on whether Star’s new show is just Sex and the City reimagined or not. Regardless, viewers largely loved the show and even the cliffhangers they were left with when the season ended. Not all of those cliffhangers were originally going to make it into the show. Star told TV Line that the writing team seriously considered revealing Kai’s father in the show’s first season. 

During an interview with the publication, Star said, “We almost gave it away in Season 1, then decided not to.” While the writing team opted not to reveal Kai’s father in season 1, it’s coming. Star already knows who it is and believes fans will be shocked by the big reveal. Some fans already have a theory, though. Several viewers think Paolo might be Kai’s father. 

Has Netflix greenlit season 2 of ‘Uncoupled’?

Uncoupled was only released last week, but fans are already clamoring for more. Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce a second season of the famed show. With several streaming providers making heavy cuts in recent weeks, there is some concern that Uncoupled won’t get a second season. 

Darren Star, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Jeffrey Richman, Emerson Brooks, Neil Patrick Harris, Brooks Ashmanskas and Jai Rodriguez attend Netflix's Uncoupled
Darren Star with the cast of ‘Uncoupled’ | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Darren Star Tackles Being a Single Man in New York City in Upcoming Netflix Original, ‘Uncoupled’

Star and his crew don’t seem particularly worried about that possibility. The famed showrunner and the cast all seem confident that a second season will happen. When it could begin filming is anyone’s guess. Star is currently filming his other Netflix success, Emily in Paris. The series is entering its third season.