‘Dave’: Lil Dicky and Jeff Schaffer Break Down the First-Ever Diarrhea Scene on TV

In Dave Season 1 Episode 9, he went on a hike with then-girlfriend Ally, but his first bite of a carrot didn’t sit well with his stomach, resulting in a “groundbreaking” moment on television. A couple of months after the series ended, creators Lil Dicky and Jeff Schaffer broke down the first-ever diarrhea scene on TV.

Scott Manson, Jeff Schaffer, Dave Burd, Scooter Braun and James Shin attend the premiere of FXX's 'Dave'
Scott Manson, Jeff Schaffer, Dave Burd, Scooter Braun and James Shin attend the premiere of FXX’s “Dave” | Rachel Luna

‘Dave’ pulls from events in Lil Dicky’s life

The hilarious FXX 30-minute series revolves around neurotic aspiring Dave Burd and his journey to becoming the best rapper alive as he’s convinced himself.

In the show, Dave began his rap career by informing his parents he withdrew his bar mitzvah money to pay for a YG feature. In real life, Lil Dicky used the money to pay for a music video that jump-started his career, and his parents weren’t initially accepting.

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However, he did meet his real-life hype man and confidante GaTa at a studio, as the show portrayed. He also revealed his bipolar diagnosis to Lil Dicky in a very similar fashion to what happened in Episode 5.

Additionally, Dave’s best friend and roommate, Mike, manages the upcoming rapper in the show. While Lil Dicky and GaTa are both currently managed by Mike Hertz, who also serves as executive producer on the show, it’s unclear how much they pulled from real-life Mike for the character as there isn’t much information available about him. 

Is Ally based on Lil Dicky’s ex-girlfriend?

In Season 1 Episode 9, Dave and his girlfriend Ally broke up at her older sister’s wedding because she felt he put his music career before her. In Lil Dicky’s song “Molly,” a track on his freshman album, he raps about his ex and cites the same reason as the breakup.

He also did a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) about the album and admitted he “knew that I had to pursue my dreams before anything” and would not have “been able to put her in front of me accomplishing my dreams.”

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In a Deadline virtual panel, Lil Dicky noted Ally wasn’t entirely based on an ex-girlfriend. However, he did acknowledge having a girlfriend at the start of his rap career that didn’t work because his relationship and career “couldn’t go in the same direction.”

While the specifics about Ally might have been different, Lil Dicky had a girlfriend he loved but couldn’t continue dating due to his dedication to his career.

Lil Dicky and Jeff Schaffer break down first-ever TV diarrhea scene

Before Ally and Dave broke up in the show, they went on a hike with her family. During the walk, his first bite of a vegetable didn’t agree with his body, and he instantly felt the need to use the bathroom. However, he couldn’t wait and “reinvented” diarrhea in front of her.

While Lil Dicky didn’t acknowledge if the situation happened to him or not, he and co-creator Jeff Schaffer detailed the first-ever diarrhea scene on TV in a Deadline panel.

The actor and rapper called it “groundbreaking” for viewers to see that because no one has ever shown the watery stool to that extent before. Lil Dicky explained he had a machine attached to his back, and it malfunctioned and shot the gross fluids in the air the first time they shot it.

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He continued and described the process behind the scenes as it took them a while to figure out exactly how they wanted the stool to look. Additionally, the crew used CGI (computer-generated imagery) to perfect the graphics. Schaffer also noted he wanted to make the viewers feel like they were “in Ally’s place.”

Season 2 has been renewed, but the crew haven’t been able to begin filming yet due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.