‘Days of our Lives’ Fans Want More of Jennifer and Jack

Days of our Lives is one of the most popular soap operas of all time and has been a mainstay on television for decades. As one of the longest-running scripted shows in the world, Days of Our Lives has gone through many changes over the years and has added many new characters to the lineup. Some characters have definitely become more popular than others, and according to fans, one “supercouple” that has become one of the show’s best is Jennifer Horton and Jack Deveraux. 

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When did ‘Days of our Lives’ premiere?

Days of our Lives first debuted on television in 1965, and immediately, the nature of broadcast television was changed forever. In the beginning, the show focused primarily on two families, the Hortons and the Bradys. Over the years, a number of new characters have been added, and while the show’s focus has shifted slightly, Days of our Lives still remains a story about families and the difficult dynamics and situations that can sometimes occur.

In 1975, the show was extended from a thirty-minute format into a one-hour format, due to viewers’ demands for more content from Days of our Lives. Ultimately, it has become even more popular in the decades since. Days of our Lives has been parodied by many sketch comedies and sitcoms, and these days, it is considered a pop-culture staple. The show has also broken new ground in terms of touchy subjects, and in the past several decades, Days of our Lives has tackled somewhat taboo subjects like artificial insemination. 

Jennifer and Jack are two fan-favorite characters

Romance has always been a hallmark of daytime soap operas, and Days of our Lives is no exception. Beginning in 1989, Days of our Lives added a new couple to the show’s rotation, Jennifer Horton and Jack Deveraux. For more than two decades, this couple has been one of the show’s “supercouples,” gaining new fans year after year. Jennifer and Jack have been portrayed by different actors over the years but to this day, the characters are mainstays on Days of our Lives

The couple has earned the nickname “J&J” from fans and although they have experienced many ups and downs over the years, Jennifer and Jack have always returned to each other in the end. They share two children, and their journey through parenthood and into grandparenthood has been documented on the show. These days, Jennifer and Jack are still a force on Days of our Lives — but in a recent Twitter thread, fans revealed that they would like to see even more of the iconic pair. 

Fans want more Jennifer and Jack storylines


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Days of our Lives fans are a passionate bunch, and love sharing their favorite characters. In a recent Twitter thread, fans opened up about why they love Jennifer and Jack so much and how much they want to see them featured in new storylines. One fan stated that “they’re the reason I started watching Days again. Can we please give them their own storyline now??” while another fan said “they are so awesome! My fave couple ever. Please give them a story. It’s time.” Yet another fan claimed that the two are “the future” of the show, and demanded that they get a story all of their own.

If showrunners for Days of our Lives review social media, they will clearly see that fans are clamoring for Jennifer and Jack to get more screen time. If they listen to fan outcry, the long-time supercouple could see even more adventures in future seasons of Days of our Lives