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‘Days of Our Lives’: Jamey Giddens Hired as a New Writer

'Days of Our Lives' has gone through many writing changes over the years. Needing a fresh take on the classic NBC soap opera, new writers come aboard with their own ideas of how to liven up storylines. Recently, the show announced the hire of Jamey Giddens to their writing staff. Given Giddens' passion and experience with soap operas, fans are excited about him coming onboard.

Since its debut in 1965, Days of Our Lives has become NBC’s most popular soap operas. For the past five decades, viewers have tuned in to watch the drama unfold in Salem. Throughout the show’s run, there have been numerous changes on and off-screen. Over the years, many writers have come and gone, each leaving their own imprint on the soap opera. Recently, the show announced the hire of a new writer to join their staff, which has fans excited.

The cast of 'Days of Our Lives' post for a group photo at a fan club event in 2018.
“Days Of Our Lives” cast I Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Jamey Giddens joins the ‘Days of Our Lives’ writing staff

Like many long-running soap operas, Days of Our Lives has come under fire for its storylines. Being on the air so long, a show tends to lose its creative spark. Soap operas often rotate their writing staff to bring on people with fresh visions for the show.

One lucky person who’ll be putting his own stamp on Days of Our Lives is Jamey Giddens. According to Soap Opera Network, Giddens has been hired as a breakdown writer for the NBC serial and its spinoff Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem. When news broke of Giddens’ new job, he tweeted his excitement and gratitude over this amazing opportunity.

Jamey Giddens’ soap opera history

Giddens grew up a soap opera fan, and his love of the shows would carry him far. He’s the co-owner and editorial director for the popular soap opera news site Daytime Confidential. Anyone who follows Giddens on social media knows he’s passionate when it comes to soap operas. Even if fans disagree with him, he’s not afraid to voice his opinion on a character or storyline.


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Giddens’ knack for creativity would have him working behind the scenes of a few soap operas. He served as a writer for Victoria Rowell’s series The Rich and the Ruthless. In 2019, Giddens created, and executive produced the primetime soap Ambitions, which aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Although the show only lasted one season, fans got a glimpse of Giddens’ storytelling.

Reaction to Jamey Giddens joining ‘Days of Our Lives’

Giddens’ new role at Days of Our Lives is huge news in the soap opera community. When the announcement was made, his Twitter feed was filled with good wishes from his peers and fans. “Hell yeah!” wrote Days of Our Lives actor Billy Flynn. Meanwhile, Kassie DePaiva chimed in with, “Congratulations Jamey…Salem will never be the same!”

DePaiva’s right when she says Salem’s never going to be the same. With Giddens onboard, there’s no telling what he has planned for the Brady, Horton, and DiMera families. Fans won’t have to wait too long to see Giddens’ work because his episodes will be airing in the next two weeks.