DCEU: Will Henry Cavill Lose Superman to 1 of These 2 Huge Stars?

Henry Cavill’s Superman hasn’t been everyone’s favorite interpretation of the character. But the actor himself has emerged relatively unscathed. Even when the DC Extended Universe has faltered, Cavill has managed to shake it all off seemingly with ease. Take a look at the mustache controversy behind the Justice League production, for instance.

But the DCEU has continually mishandled Superman. Now it remains unclear whether Cavill will remain in the role at all. A new report indicates the actor — who has exclusively been the big-screen Superman since 2013’s Man of Steel — might have some competition. In fact, Warner Bros. might have two other big-name actors in mind to play the DCEU’s Superman.

Henry Cavill on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'
Henry Cavill on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ | Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Henry Cavill will remain the DCEU’s Superman — or will he?

Cavill and director Zack Snyder recently announced via a Man of Steel watch party that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is officially in the works. And soon thereafter, reports began pouring in that Cavill had recommitted to playing Superman in the DCEU.

Of course, Warner Bros. has made no official announcement just yet. So fans are left to come to their own conclusions about the actor’s standing. Some sources claimed the studio is finally interested in moving forward on Man of Steel 2 starring Cavill and directed by Snyder.

Others have insisted Cavill’s Superman has been relegated to a supporting player. But one thing that is clear either way is how the character has evolved from his first appearance. Cavill has been eager to tackle a version of the hero more in line with what fans expect. But will he get that chance?

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Warner Bros. could be looking at 2 other huge stars

Rumor has it Warner Bros. could be looking to switch it up with regards to Superman. This would fall in line with how the studio is rebooting Batman with Robert Pattinson’s version. Unlike Ben Affleck though, Cavill is eager and ready to put the cape back on. Yet, according to We Got This Covered, there’s dissension at the top.

The site reports that Warner Bros.’ parent company AT&T hopes to keep Cavill in the role. But Warner Bros. has its eye on Michael B. Jordan to take over as Superman. Such rumors involving the actor — who already starred in Marvel’s Black Panther — surfaced in 2019. But he’s not the only one who could land the role.

WGTC claims J.J. Abrams — who might be in line to direct a Superman movie — hopes to bring Star Wars actor John Boyega in for the part. Interestingly, either Jordan or Boyega would be the first Black actor to play Superman on the big screen. However, it’s unclear if the actors are up for Clark Kent Superman or a different version inspired by DC Comics.

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Can the DCEU work without Superman?

The underlying assumption at the heart of this whole story boils down to one question: does the DCEU even need Superman? Clearly, Warner Bros. faces difficulty creating a sustainable franchise for the hero. Even Man of Steel 2 evolved into an ensemble rather than a sequel for Cavill’s Superman.

Ever since Justice League fell flat, the DCEU has been in an extended transitional period. Snyder’s return — albeit limited (so far) — could be the sign the franchise is course-correcting. But for the time being, perhaps keeping Superman as a supporting player isn’t a bad idea.

At the very least, such an approach gives the DCEU time to plot its next move. Focus on what works right now — Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, etc. — and finetune the rest one baby step at a time. If it keeps Cavill onboard, fans who’ve waited for his return will learn to be patient.