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Dead to Me was a surprise hit when it came out a couple of years ago. Christina Applegate incorporated her real-life experiences into the show to bring her character to life. Fans became attached to the series and protagonists. 

The Netflix show is still active, and people are curious about news regarding the third season. Actor Katey Sagal guest-starred for an episode and fans are hopeful to see her again. There is still the question on the cast and release date for the upcoming season. 

The premise of ‘Dead to Me’ is captivating

Lovers of dark comedies might be interested in watching an episode of Dead to Me. It is a series that first aired in 2019 and currently has two seasons so far. One of the executive producers is actor Will Ferrell, and people can view the show on Netflix. Some of the cast members are Sam McCarthy and Applegate. 

The story follows a real estate agent named Jen, who is the mother of two boys and is a widow. She meets Judy, who claims her fiancé died from a heart attack.

The two women bond over their grief but deal with their struggles differently. Jen is in a dark place and processes her grief with anger.  

Judy tends to be more positive, but there is more to her than meets the eye. As it turns out, the character lied about her fiancé. While Jen tries to uncover the mystery of her husband’s death, she and the viewers learn more about Judy’s role in the accident. 

Plenty of fans fell in love with Dead to Me. The series earned critical acclaim and received multiple Primetime Emmy Award nominations. 

When will ‘Dead to Me’ season three get released?

Christina Applegate holds a glass of wine and looks concerned in 'Dead to Me' on Netflix
Christina Applegate in ‘Dead to Me’ on Netflix | Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Season two of Dead to Me finished airing in 2020. After the last episode, multiple viewers wondered if the show was getting another season since Netflix is known for canceling works. There is both good news and bad news for fans.  

The streaming site renewed Dead to Me for its third season. However, it will be the show’s final season. The previous one ended on a cliffhanger, so people speculated on how the creators will wrap up the story. Another question on people’s minds is when they expect the third season to get released. 

According to Thrillist, the projected release date might be in the latter half of 2021. While the script possibly is finished, Dead to Me had to delay filming when Netflix shut down production for LA-based shows. In early 2021, COVID-19 cases had spiked. Creator Liz Feldman said that she was “hoping to start [production] at some point in the next six months.” 

What else to expect in season three


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As fans wait for the release of new episodes, they are speculating what the story will bring. After all, the previous season left with Jen and Judy hiding Steve’s body in the woods. Did they get away with it, or will the women get caught? People have many questions for the upcoming season. 

One thing that fans know for sure is that Applegate and Linda Cardellini will return to play the main characters. James Marsden first portrayed Steve but returned to the series as the character’s twin brother, Ben. Those who love the actor and Ben should expect to see them come back for season three. 

Feldman once mentioned how Ben would go through a journey, and Marsden also may reprise his role as Steve. The actors for Jen’s kids will most likely return as well. Each season had a theme that centered around someone having secrets. There is a chance the upcoming episodes will follow the same idea.