‘Delicious Miss Brown’: Where Did Kardea Brown Go to College and Did She Study Culinary Arts?

Over the past few years, the Food Network has launched a variety of exciting new programs to inspire and delight viewers. One of these new programs is Delicious Miss Brown, a show that premiered in July 2019. The show features Kardea Brown, a home chef born and raised in Charleston, S.C. Although Brown is devoted to her culinary career these days, at one point, she was intent on becoming a psychologist. For fans, the addition of Brown to the Food Network is a great way to showcase delicious Southern-style dishes and food that appeals to every palate. And many viewers have wondered: Where did Kardea Brown go to college?

Where did Kardea Brown go to college?

Kardea Brown college
Kardea Brown | Food Network/YouTube

In the summer of 2019, Food Network fans were introduced to Kardea Brown when her show, Delicious Miss Brown, premiered. Brown had been a featured presence on a few other Food Network programs by that point, but her brand-new cooking series inspired many fans to dive deep to learn more about the talented chef. According to Sportskeeda, Brown actually studied to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology in order to pursue a career in social services. 

In 2013, Brown decided to switch to a culinary career, using her grandmother’s experience for inspiration. As reported by Sportskeeda, Brown said, “I learned the basics of cooking from my grandmother, but my mother was always the entertainer.” Brown went on to note, “She loved having her friends over for dinner. She always had big lavish birthday parties where she did all of the cooking, so I think that’s where I got the idea of cooking for entertainment, and cooking for friends and family.”

According to Kardea Brown’s website, one of her first big ventures into the culinary world involved launching a pop-up called New Gullah Supper Club. The menu reportedly pays homage to the type of food prepared by Brown’s grandmother: hearty dishes that merge Brown’s Southern and Gullah/Geechee heritage.

In a December 2019 interview with Garden & Gun, Brown opened up about the moment that inspired her to embark on her culinary career in earnest. Revealing that she worked in social services for several years after graduating from college, Brown explained, “When I came up with the idea (of the pop-up), I was literally broke. I sold everything I had, moved back down South, and had to figure out a way to get my foot in the food industry.”

She added, “On my train ride — because I couldn’t even afford a plane ticket at that point — to Charleston, I was just sitting there talking to God and the universe. I said, “I like to travel. I like to cook. What if I just do some type of traveling dinner party?”

Brown decided to launch her own pop-up, which became a major success. It was likely due to the success of her pop-up that helped inspire showrunners at the Food Network to bring Brown on board for her very own show, Delicious Miss Brown. In addition to her show, Brown has appeared on Food Network programs like Chopped Junior, Beat Bobby Flay, Farmhouse Rules, and Family Food Showdown

What kind of food is Kardea Brown best known for?

Kardea Brown has grown a substantial social media following since the launch of Delicious Miss Brown, with about 217,000 followers on Instagram alone. Fans seem to love Brown’s easy-to-prepare, flavorful recipes. A few of Brown’s fan-favorite recipes, according to the Food Network website, include oven-roasted Carolina BBQ chicken wings, dressed-up carrot cake, meat-lover’s quiche, and pasta carbonara with peas.  

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