‘Deltarune’ Chapter 2: Toby Fox Unveils Shocking Release to ‘Undertale’ Companion Game

September has been a huge month for gaming announcements, with Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine. Now, after three excruciatingly long years, fans finally got word on Toby Fox’s Deltarune Chapter 2…one day before its release. After a 6-year anniversary celebration stream of Undertale’s release, fans got a glimpse at the return to the Dark World.

Eva Marciano as Sans (character in Undertale) waits to enter Boston Comic Con
Eva Marciano dressed as Sans (‘Undertale’) | Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Toby Fox’s breakout hits ‘Undertale’ and ‘Deltarune’

Very few artists strike gold with their first major outing. In 2015, that’s exactly what Toby Fox did with Undertale. Paired with Tuyo “Temmie” Chang, the art, game design, music, and programming were developed by just two people.

Following a human who falls into a mysterious world of monsters, the player has a choice to make: fight their way out or negotiate peacefully. However, some characters seem privy to the very game mechanics players take for granted.

The game exploded online for its fun and simple idea, as a game “where nobody has to die.”

Well, ‘exploded’ is a bit of an understatement. A fandom gone supernova is more appropriate.

Undertale was a relatively short game, taking around six hours to complete. With a fanbase as ravenous as Undertale’s, fan games, videos, comics, and novel-length fanfictions continued to pop up online even six years later.

A breath of relief hit the fan base when new content released in the form of the pseudo-sequel Deltarune Chapter 1 in 2018. While not a direct sequel, reoccurring characters, villains, and subverted themes tie it very closely to Undertale.

‘Deltarune’ Chapter 2 announced to release on Sept. 17

The calendar flipped to 2019, then 2020, and while Fox insisted that Deltarune Chapter 2 was in development, fans practically salivated in anticipation.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Fox finally dropped news about Chapter 2…a day before its release.

Undertale received a Switch release with a new boss fight and some quality of life improvements, and Deltarune Chapter 1 also released for free on the E-Shop. However, Chapter 2 has other plans.

“Note that while the original also came out on Switch and PS4, currently this release date is only for PC and Mac,” Kotaku reported.

With the game’s enduring popularity, further releases are less a question of “if” as “when.”

What can fans expect from Chapter 2?

While Undertale revolved around our actions affecting the world, Deltarune went in the opposite direction. With a theme that your decisions don’t affect the world, the ending still differed slightly depending on the decisions the player made.

However, it all ended with a shocking revelation and the return of a villainous force from Undertale.

And fans had to wait on a cliffhanger for three long years. After all that time, then what’s next in Deltarune Chapter 2?

The new teaser trailer shows player character Kris and the rebel Susie approaching the portal from Chapter 1. As they fall once more, fans can expect a return to the Dark World in some fashion.

As for the larger forces at play, Fox often has massive twists up his sleeve to thrill fans.

Deltarune Chapter 2 releases Sept. 17, 2021, at 8pm, EST.

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