Demi Burnett’s Ex, Kristian Haggerty, Wants to Go on a ‘Double Date’ With Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber

Last year on Bachelor in Paradise, fans saw major drama, love, and heartbreak go down. But we also saw Demi Burnett make a serious commitment to her girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty. Haggerty and Burnett met prior to the show, but Haggerty was later brought on so she could further explore the relationship. In the end, we know Burnett got down on one knee first, and the two planned to marry. But it didn’t take long for everything to fall apart.

Now, Burnett is with her new boyfriend, Slater Davis. And Haggerty is in a new relationship as well. Haggerty is also still keeping up with Peter Weber, it seems, as she suggested to him via Instagram that he and Kelley Flanagan should go on a double date with her.

Demi Burnett said she wasn’t a good girlfriend to Kristian Haggerty

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty on the 'Bachelor in Paradise' live reunion
Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ live reunion | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Burnett and Haggerty announced their split on Instagram not too long after their engagement — and they never gave an explanation to their fans. Now, Burnett admits it’s mostly her fault for why the relationship ended. While Haggerty was all-in with Burnett, Burnett found herself growing distant.

“Kristian is very, very loving and she’s the best girlfriend, the best partner to be with. She would do anything for you, and I didn’t reciprocate that. I wasn’t as good to her as she was to me,” Burnett said on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti’s Almost Famous podcast. “I was kind of distant. I was overwhelmed, I was freaked out.”

Burnett also noted that she didn’t like that Haggerty also got down on one knee for her in front of the cameras. “That made me irritated because … I’m a selfish person sometimes and that was my thing,” Burnett carried on. “I was like, ‘I proposed to you,’ you know? And then I was like, ‘Why’d you do it? That makes no sense. People don’t propose to each other like that normally.’” 

Haggerty is now seeing someone new

Despite their troubled past, Haggerty and Burnett both managed to move forward. Burnett’s very in love with her boyfriend, and Haggerty also seems ultra-happy with her new girlfriend.

So, who is Haggerty seeing now? It seems the woman in question is Taylor Blake, a reality star who appeared on The Reality House and also has singing and acting aspirations.

“To say I’m thankful for you would be understatement,” Haggerty penned on Instagram back in January 2020. “There are no words to express how deeply you have touched my soul throughout the years I’ve known you, especially these past few months. You are one of the most genuine, loyal, caring & loving people I have ever met. Thank you for pouring so much love & light into my life & to lives around you. Your love is so powerful.”

She just said she wants to go on a ‘double date’ with Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber

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You caught me. Let the adventure begin

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While BIP certainly made a splash last season, it’s Peter Weber’s Bachelor season that caused a serious ruckus. Weber left the show engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss — though this lasted only briefly. Then, he tried to reconcile his romance with Madison Prewett. Finally, he’s now dating Flanagan, the woman who captured his heart off-screen before the show even began.

Flanagan and Weber have been getting a ton of flack for their relationship. But the happy couple doesn’t seem to mind. It seems Weber’s family adores Flanagan, and this includes Barb, Weber’s mother who notoriously couldn’t stand Prewett. Now, we’re all anxiously awaiting more photos and videos of Flanagan and Weber as their relationship progresses.

It’s not just fans who are excited about the relationship, either. Haggerty commented on Weber’s relationship announcement on Instagram, “YESSS! Love everything about this @kelleyflanagan double dates when we are all back tg,” Haggerty wrote.

According to a fan on the Instagram thread, Weber has Haggerty to thank for his new relationship, too. The fan explained, “peter explained in a podcast that he was going to meet up with kristian + friends and she brought Kelley along. They reconnected after that.”

We’ll have to wait and see how it all goes down! And, of course, we’re interested to hear what Burnett has to say about it all.

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