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Even after many years in the spotlight, Demi Lovato can still surprise and delight fans. The singer and actor, who first rose to fame on the Disney Channel, can be a somewhat controversial figure, frequently opening up about their journey to self-acceptance and sobriety. But for their fans, Lovato is a shining example of courage and bravery. The artist, who is preparing to release a new record, recently dropped all the details about the project’s creation. Demi Lovato stated they were “clean and sober” for the making of their 8th album.

What did Demi Lovato say about their 8th studio album?

demi lovato 8th album
Demi Lovato performs onstage during Global Citizen Live on September 25, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Global Citizen)

In early June, Lovato stopped by Fallon’s talk show to talk about their new album, Holy Fvck. In the interview, Lovato revealed they are “really proud” the album was made when they were “clean and sober.” 

“I’ve definitely been through a ton,” Lovato details. “That’s no secret to the world. After going through even more stuff last year, I came out of treatment again, and I realized I really want to do this for myself. And I want to make the best album possible, something that really represents who I am.”

Lovato continued. “The best way to do that and the easiest way to do something the most authentic is to do it clean and sober. I made this album clean and sober. I can’t say that about my last album, but this one, I’m really, really proud about.”

Demi Lovato’s last album was made ‘California Sober’

Lovato’s latest album came about during a significant transition in their life. And the artist’s previous album, Dancing with the Devil…the Art of Starting Over, was created amid Lovato’s “California sober” period. In March 2021, just weeks before the album’s release, Lovato went on the record to state that while occasionally indulging in alcohol and marijuana, they abstain from other substances. Lovato declared that they were “California sober,” a phrase that refers to those who choose to define their own version of sobriety.

Lovato’s comments set off a media firestorm. Other celebrities and pop culture fans alike discussed the “right” path to sobriety. By the end of the year, the point was moot. Lovato declared they no longer follow the California lifestyle, deciding to be “sober sober.” 

Demi Lovato has been open about their journey to sobriety


Demi Lovato Says There’s a ‘Heaviness’ to Their New Music

Lovato has long been open about their substance misuse. As early as 2009, when they were about 17 years old, Lovato was experimenting with drugs like cocaine, as revealed in Lovato’s 2017 documentary, Simply Complicated. The artist famously entered treatment for the first time in 2010, leaving rehab in January the following year.

However, as Lovato revealed in their documentary, they weren’t ready to commit to the program. They almost immediately returned to using substances. In 2012, Lovato got sober again, a stint that lasted for several years. A terrifying relapse and overdose in 2018 led Lovato to seek treatment and take some time away from the spotlight. All the while, Lovato remained transparent with their fans. 

In 2020, the singer returned, even performing the national anthem at the Super Bowl that year. These days, Lovato is firmly focused on the future, creating new music and working as an activist.