Demi Lovato Says It’s ‘Hard’ to Look at ‘Hyper Feminine’ Old Photos and Fan Art

Demi Lovato made national headlines when they came out as non-binary and announced they are more comfortable being addressed with they/them pronouns. Now the double threat actor and singer is out to build awareness around gender identity issues. They’re promoting non-binary visibility whenever possible. They recently spoke at the 19th Represents Summit, which was virtual this year. They spoke to reporter Kate Sosin for a long time, and revealed a lot during the conversation. Lovato admitted that seeing their old hyper-feminine photos can be difficult. 

Demi Lovato was a Disney star 

Lovato rose to fame thanks to the Disney channel. They starred in Sonny with a Chance, and built a formidable acting career and music career at the same time. It’s not easy to do, and Lovato paid the price. They were plagued by substance abuse issues. Addiction forced Lovato out of the spotlight for a number of years. 

In 2018 they came back and made public all of their experiences with drugs and alcohol. Lovato was holding nothing back from the public eye, and after releasing a documentary about her life, Lovato went right back to singing and acting. They recently released the album Dancing with the Devil..The Art of Starting Over. As the title suggests, Lovato is ready to make up for lost time. They may have taken a break to heal, but now Lovato is back in the saddle. 

Now that they’re out, Demi Lovato doesn’t like looking back at ‘hyper feminine’ photos 

Demi Lovato arrives at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards wearing a vibrant blue jacket
Demi Lovato | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

In 2021, Lovato came out as non-binary. Although they’re not the first celeb to announce a gender identity change, Lovato’s news made national headlines. They’ve had to educate the public on what being non-binary means, and how to switch up pronouns. That’s something a lot of non-binary people are forced to do, whether famous or not. But Lovato faces a unique struggle thanks to her public persona. 

Since Lovato has been in the public eye since childhood, there are thousands and thousands of photos of them that are “hyper feminine.” While speaking at the Represent summit, Lovato revealed that it’s hard for them to see those photos. They explained that “when I see older images of myself looking super hyper feminine, that maybe fans make into fan art, and they don’t mean anything by it, but it’s like, I look at that fan art and I think that’s not me. I don’t know who that person is, because the person I am today with short hair, and the person that I’ve been over the past year publicly, I mean, that’s who I feel like I am. “

Lovato also went on to explain that while seeing the photos are hard, they recognize that it’s part of their journey. 

Demi Lovato recently came out, and debuted a new haircut 

When Lovato came out, they also debuted a new short, pixie cut. As Lovato said in their interview with the Represent summit, the short hair is a big deal. Lovato feels more like themself with shorter hair. 

Lovato is also educating the public on pronouns. They announced on Instagram that they understand misgendering will happen. Misgendering is the term for using the wrong pronouns to address someone. Lovato now uses they/them pronouns, but even they forget sometimes and slip back into the she/her pronouns they used to use. Lovato says they’re willing and able to forgive accidental misgendering, but asks that everyone try to respect their new identity. 

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