‘Devil in Ohio’: What to Watch After the Netflix Thriller

The new Netflix thriller Devil in Ohio debuted on the streaming platform earlier this month. The series stars Emily Deschanel as Dr. Suzanne Mathis, a psychiatrist at the local hospital who takes in a young escapee from a cult in a nearby town. With only eight episodes, nobody blames you for blowing through the show in record time. However, now that you’ve finished, you might be looking for more Netflix shows with a similar vibe. Here are three series to watch after finishing Devil in Ohio.

The Netflix thriller 'Devil in Ohio' stars Madeleine Arthur as Mae, seen here wearing a white dress with a crown of black feathers.
Madeleine Arthur as Mae Dodd in ‘Devil in Ohio’ | Cr. Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix © 2022

The Netflix Original, ‘Midnight Mass’

If the cult aspect of Devil in Ohio really drew you in, and you’re not the squeamish type, Midnight Mass could turn into your next favorite binge. Horror aficionado Mike Flanagan wrote and produced the Netflix Original, and while it has plenty to offer horror fans, it’s much more than your typical scary TV show. Midnight Mass takes a different angle on grief and heartbreak that sucks viewers in from the first episode.

The mini-series weaves the tale of an isolated island and its inhabitants as they experience what some of the community calls miracles. Others, however, see them as terrifying omens. Midnight Mass has fans holding their breath until the credits roll on the last episode. Check out the entire series exclusively on Netflix.

The Netflix docuseries ‘Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey’

One of the most prominent focal points in Devil in Ohio involves Mae (Madeleine Arthur) and her inability to break free from the beliefs forced on her since birth. Even once she escapes the cult in the series, Mae struggles to fit in with her new family and the kids at school.

The Netflix docuseries Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey features real people involved with the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It takes a deep dive into the horrific acts of leader Warren Jeffs and his eventual imprisonment. Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey is an eye-opening look at what Jeffs and his followers forced others to do and how some of them escaped the church’s nefarious hold. The series’ four episodes are currently available on Netflix.

‘Wild Wild Country’ shocked audiences in 2018

OK, yes, it’s another docuseries, but true events actually inspired Devil in Ohio, so it makes sense. Granted, Wild Wild Country came out in 2018, but don’t let that stop you from starting it on Netflix. The series gives a very detailed look into Osho, an influential guru who tries to build a utopian city in Oregon. However, his plans essentially include running all the locals out of town. He finagles ways his people can vote for officials, steals a ton of money, and basically checks every box in the “How to Become a Cult Leader” handbook. With only six episodes, Wild Wild Country makes for one of the most mind-blowing binge-watches on the streaming platform. Check it out exclusively on Netflix.