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After a long wait, the Dexter revival, Dexter: New Blood, is finally here. The show picks up on Dexter Morgan’s life almost a decade after he faked his death and fled Miami, finding him living in the fictional remote town of Iron Lake, New York, as Jim Lindsay.

Dexter just reconnected with Harrison Morgan, the son he abandoned before going into hiding in the Dexter series finale. It remains to be seen if Harrison has his own version of the dark passenger. But the better question is whether Harrison will be the one to kill Dexter. Here are three reasons he might.

[Warning: This post contains spoilers for Dexter: New Blood, released on Sunday, Nov. 7.]

Dexter and Harrison stand behind a taped off crime scene. It is snowy out and they are wearing winter coats. Dexter wars a beanie.
Dexter and Harrison in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ | Seacia Pavao/Showtime

Harrison may have been born in blood like Dexter, but the two are not the same

Dexter’s problems can be traced back to his childhood when he witnessed the brutal death of his mother. He had suppressed the memory for much of his life until connecting with his biological brother, Brian Moser, who helped him remember it. As a result, he realized there was a connection between his murderous urges and the experience of seeing his mother get killed.

Harrison had a similar experience in Dexter Season 4 when his mother, Rita Morgan, was murdered by the Trinity Killer. But while he continues to carry that trauma as a teenager, Jack Alcott, who plays the teen, told The New York Daily News that Harrison isn’t a sociopath like Dexter.

The show is hinting at Harrison having his own dark passenger, but it could be a red herring to something totally unpredictable. There’s no doubt that Dexter is a monster, but what if Harrison isn’t? And what does that mean if he finds out who his father is? It’s probably nothing good.

Harrison will find it ‘hard’ to connect with Dexter

In Dexter: New Blood Episode 2, Dexter awkwardly tries to get to know Harrison. Harrison asks questions back, but after everything that happened, it’s “hard” for him to accept Dexter back into his life, Alcott told Entertainment Weekly.

What makes it worse is that Dexter continues to keep secrets from him. He just killed Matt Caldwell, the son of one of the most beloved men in Iron Lake, bringing more chaos into his and Harrison’s life. Though he swears it was just a one-time thing, he’s proven time and time again that he’ll never be able to change. Harrison killing his father would be a satisfying end and one Dexter would never see coming.

The revival will have a ‘controversial’ ending

In past interviews, showrunner Clyde Phillips teased the Dexter: New Blood ending would be surprising but inevitable, creating a fresh round of speculation that Harrison might kill Dexter.


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Some Redditors even think he would die to set up a spinoff, hence the title New Blood. “It’s the only controversial ending they can have given that we don’t really care about any of the new characters enough for their fate to be a stunner,” read one Reddit comment.

Another person agreed that Dexter’s death would be a “fitting” conclusion to the story. “It would be kind of fitting to me,” they wrote. “Dexter killed his dad, technically, and Harrison kills his. And it’s not like it has to be set in stone that Harrison is a serial killer like his father. Dexter could be his only victim.”