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‘Dexter: New Blood’ Fans Say Dexter Might Have Left 1 Big Piece of Evidence Behind

Three episodes later, Dexter Morgan thinks he's finally in the clear regarding the murder of Matt Caldwell. But his method of disposing of the body might not be as foolproof as he thinks. Here's the piece of evidence that 'Dexter: New Blood' fans think got left behind.

Dexter Morgan may think he’s in the clear when it comes to Matt Caldwell’s murder, but fans aren’t so sure. The latest episode of Dexter: New Blood showed him trying to find the best hiding spot for the body, settling on an idea he thinks is foolproof. But as viewers have pointed out, there may be a flaw in that method.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Dexter: New Blood Episode 3, “Smoke Signals.”]

Dexter Morgan reads a newspaper while police car lights flash behind him.
Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan | Christian Weber/CBS via Getty Images

Dexter commits his first murder in years in ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Matt is Dexter’s first victim since he fled Miami and went into hiding eight years ago. Loud, spoiled, and entitled, Matt irked him from the moment they met in Dexter: New Blood Episode 1. Those feelings only grew the more he learned about Matt — including that he was responsible for a deadly boating accident and got away with it — and eventually exploded into rage when Matt shot Dexter’s deer.

Dexter hides his body under his fire pit, but it can’t stay there. Knowing cadaver dogs will sniff him out, he has to put Matt somewhere he can’t be tracked. He ultimately decides in Dexter: New Blood Episode 3 to put the body in the town’s incinerator and burn it.

Did he leave evidence behind?

The only thing is, fans know Matt likely had metal rods inserted into his femur to repair the bone following his boating accident and they wonder if they’ll be left behind.

“As someone who used to perform cremations, that metal will DEFINITELY be left behind,” said one Reddit comment. “[The fire] will not melt surgical steel, titanium, or any other metal implants. It just blackens them, but they are intact. … If there are serial numbers on said devices, they certainly could be tied back to him.”

“F*** I think you’re right,” read another comment.

“Solid theory!” a third person wrote.

Many viewers believe Matt’s father, Kurt Caldwell, will be the one to discover that Dexter killed his son. Serving as the villain of Dexter: New Blood, Kurt is a wealthy businessman and fixture in the Iron Lake community. While he comes off as a nice guy, his character description says if you “hurt anyone that he cares for… God help you.” That said, it does seem that there could be a faceoff between the two, but it remains to be seen how it all unfolds.


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Watch ‘Dexter: New Blood’ now

In the meantime, viewers can check out the first few episodes of Dexter: New Blood now on Showtime.

The series has been called “a proper finale” by Showtime’s entertainment president Gary Levine, after the much-hated original series ending. But he also hasn’t ruled out the possibility of more episodes beyond the current 10.

“The expectation is so high for it and the series is so special to the network and me … the future will take care of itself,” he told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about a possible Dexter: New Blood Season 2.