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For months, Dexter fans have waited in anticipation for a Trinity cameo in Dexter: New Blood. Although the character died in the original show, it was said that he appear in a flashback in the revival. Viewers finally saw him in Dexter: New Blood Episode 7, when a certain character flashed back one of the most disturbing moments in the show’s history.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Dexter: New Blood Episode 7.]

The Trinity Killer holding a hammer in relation to 'Dexter: New Blood' and Harrison.
The Trinity Killer in ‘Dexter’ Season 4 | via Showtime

What happened to Trinity in ‘Dexter’

Trinity was first introduced in Dexter Season 4. Played by John Lithgow, he was a lot like Dexter Morgan in that he was a seemingly average man who was secretly a serial killer.

Trinity and Dexter (Michael C. Hall) spent much of the season in a cat and mouse game before he finally ended up on his table in the Dexter Season 4 finale. But Trinity had one last trick up his sleeve, as Dexter returned home to find Trinity had killed Rita earlier that day, leaving Harrison sitting in a pool of her blood.

Dexter was reminded of his experience of seeing his mother’s murder, before carrying Harrison out of the room just like Harry did when he found him at his mother’s crime scene.

From there, Dexter raised Harrison alone, but he would eventually abandon him to go into hiding. He spent several years living quietly in the fictional remote town of Iron Lake, New York, until Harrison (Jack Alcott) tracked him down a few weeks ago.

How did ‘Dexter: New Blood’ bring back Trinity?

Since Harrison’s arrival, it’s becoming increasingly clear that he may have developed some dark tendencies of his own. Harrison finally opened up about his violent behavior in Dexter: New Blood Episode 7, after attacking someone with his blade.

He explained to Dexter that he grew up having nightmares about Trinity, but after listening to Molly Park’s podcast about him, he realized they weren’t dreams. He recalled witnessing Rita’s murder, before a naked and blood-soaked Trinity got out of the tub and tried to comfort him, saying his daddy would be home soon. Harrison believes he was negatively shaped by the experience and thinks that’s why Dexter ran away from him.

Dexter tried to explain otherwise, but Harrison fled. Dexter decided he would come clean to Harrison about his dark passenger, but before he could reach him, one of Kurt Caldwell’s guys kidnapped him.


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Fan reactions to the Trinity cameo in ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Reacting to the scene on Reddit, one user wrote: “I love the Trinity cameo – it was creepy af. Like I felt gross watching it.”

“Honestly that Trinity and Rita scene tore me up. Seeing him get out of the tub and comfort Harrison was just…. Horrific,” said a different fan.

“It was the fact he was nude and the fact that he did engage and speak to Harrison,” wrote another. “I always wondered about this. Made me sick. They did an incredible job bringing back this element of trinity and adding to the horror of the most nauseating character in the entire series.”

It’s unclear whether Trinity will appear on the show again, but there are reportedly more cameos ahead. One of them, according to TV Insider, will come in the finale and will become “a big story point.” But, of course, you’ll have to keep watching to see.

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