‘Dexter: New Blood’: Is Harrison an Informant?

Does something feel off about Harrison Morgan to you? After two episodes of Dexter: New Blood, some fans are starting to sense there’s more to him than he’s letting on. One theory about Dexter: New Blood even goes as far as to say that Harrison might secretly be working with police to bring down his father. But how likely is that? Is Harrison an informant or not?

Dexter and Harrison stand behind a taped off crime scene. It is snowy out and they are wearing winter coats. Dexter wars a beanie.
Dexter and Harrison in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ | Seacia Pavao/Showtime

‘Dexter: New Blood’ sees the return of Harrison

The show, a revival of the 2006 series Dexter, kicked off on Nov. 7 on Showtime. The series picks up almost 10 years after events in the Dexter series finale, which saw Dexter Morgan fake his death and flee to the wilderness, after abandoning Harrison and his girlfriend Hannah McKay.

He now goes by the name Jim Lindsay, works as a firearms dealer, and avoids killing. But his dark passenger resurfaces after uncovering local bad boy Matt Caldwell’s involvement in a boating accident that killed five.

Dexter commits the murder at the same time Harrison shows up. While he initially sends him away, he goes to retrieve him in Dexter: New Blood Episode 1 and invites him home. In their conversation, Harrison reveals he stayed with Hannah up until three years ago, when she died of pancreatic cancer. After shuffling around in foster care, he decided to track Dexter down and eventually located him in Iron Lake after seeing him in an online photo.

While Dexter is glad to have Harrison back in his life, he worries if he’s inherited his own version of the dark passenger.

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The theory about Harrison

At the same time, some viewers wonder if Harrison could actually be working with Dexter’s former colleagues at the Miami Metro Police Department to obtain information about his kills.

“Dexters son returning New Blood, only in the first episode gives me a feeling that his son is under oath of a police sting collecting proof on Dexter,” one viewer wrote on Reddit. “Bautista will be revealed in the last 3 episodes or 2. Dexter will be brought to justice. They never had proof, Dexter went poof to another life, so it makes sense.”

It would be an interesting twist for sure, and showrunner Clyde Phillips did say the ending of Dexter: New Blood would be a shocker. But we personally aren’t so sure about this one.

Remember, Miami police never found out that Dexter was a killer and, as far as we know, never had cause to believe that he survived Hurricane Laura. And even if they did, it seems the most he could be charged with is document fraud and maybe stealing his sister’s body. There, of course, could be things happening behind the scenes that we simply haven’t seen yet, but viewers will have to keep watching to see.

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Next on ‘Dexter: New Blood’

In the meantime, Dexter is still trying to ensure police don’t find Matt. He convinced them in Dexter: New Blood Episode 2 that Matt had fled town after realizing he’d killed a deer illegally on Seneca land. But by the looks of the trailer for the next episode, the investigation will take a turn after new findings in the case.

Fans can watch Dexter: New Blood at 9 p.m. ET on Sundays on Showtime.