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It’s been almost eight years since Dexter aired its disappointing finale. The revival, Dexter: New Blood, is scheduled to premiere on Nov. 7, and fans are excited that the series will get another shot. Through all eight seasons of the original series, Dexter Morgan kills quite a lot of people. His urge to kill is an almost irresistible force. That’s why it’s so surprising that Michael C. Hall recently mentioned in an interview that Dexter hasn’t killed anyone since the series finale.

Michael C. Hall sits in a chair with his legs crossed wearing a black and blue plaid shirt.
Michael C. Hall | Heather Wines/CBS via Getty Images

Dexter Morgan’s kill count

Dexter is a young adult when he commits his first murder, though the urge to kill first took hold of him when he was a child. He continues killing for most of his adult life and begins taking trophies of his victims in the form of blood slides. IMDb estimates that Dexter has murdered at least 100 people based on the blood slides and his on-screen kills.

In the original series, Dexter’s desire to kill seems almost totally out of his control. He gets uncomfortable when he goes too long without killing. Deb even tries to convince Dexter to stop in the later seasons, but this doesn’t work out.

Dexter’s final kill in Miami

In the final episode, Deb is shot by a man named Oliver Saxon and rushed to the hospital for surgery. Unfortunately, complications from her surgery cause a clot to form and cut off oxygen to her brain. Dexter kills Saxon by stabbing him in the carotid artery with a pen while pretending to take a DNA sample.

He then disconnects Deb from life support, knowing that she will never wake up from her coma, and throws her body into the ocean. This means that Deb is technically the last person Dexter kills in the original series, though he did so out of mercy for his sister.

Michael C. Hall says Dexter has abstained from killing at the start of ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Considering how many people he has killed, it’s surprising that Dexter could stop killing after he left Miami. However, Michael C. Hall confirms that this is the case in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “He’s living in a tiny rural town in upstate New York instead of Miami. He’s no longer working for the police department. And he’s been abstaining from killing for nearly a decade,” Hall said of Dexter in New Blood.


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One thing is for sure, Dexter: New Blood will be very different from the original series. “I think the tone of the show is quite different. Most of the sort of building blocks that create a sense of the show’s world have changed,” Hall told Entertainment Weekly. “I think it’ll feel informed by and redefined by a completely different context.”

However, it seems unlikely that Dexter’s abstinence from killing will continue into the new series. The trailer hints that there is a new serial killer in town and Dexter wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t try to hunt him down.