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Showtime is treating fans to a bonus episode of Dexter: New Blood — the revival of its 2006 series Dexter, which followed a serial killer hunting other serial killers. It’s actually a full recording of Molly Park’s podcast from the latest episode, where she recounts the crimes of The Trinity Killer and other kooky cases that secretly all share connections with the man she knows as Jim Lindsay. Check it out, here.

Dexter Morgan stands in front of strings he has attached to various blood splatter patterns. He wears a dark blue collared shirt and a Miami Metro laminate badge. He also has a camera around his neck.
Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan | Dan Littlejohn/CBS via Getty Images

What happened on ‘Dexter: New Blood’ so far

Released in November, the revival finds Dexter living in the fictional small town of Iron Lake, New York. He’s trying to maintain a normal life, but his past comes back to haunt him when his son, Harrison Morgan, suddenly emerges. Struggling to keep it together, Dexter commits his first murder in nearly a decade with loudmouth Matt Caldwell.

As the search for Matt begins, Molly arrives in Iron Lake to investigate a string of missing women. Hearing about her from Audrey, Harrison goes to check out her podcast. He scrolls and sees the segment on the Trinity Killer, who famously killed his mother Rita in Dexter Season 4. Enraged by the language Molly uses to discuss him, he snaps and does something leading to a major discovery.

Showtime has released a special episode of ‘Dexter: New Blood’

Until the next episode of Dexter: New Blood, Showtime is keeping viewers entertained by releasing the full recording of Molly’s podcast. In it, there are plenty of Easter eggs and callbacks to the original series. The description says: “In this episode, Molly Park finds anomalies in the story about Arthur Miller aka The Trinity Killer, a slasher who traveled the country and killed in threes. Spoiler alert: he didn’t.”

In it, Molly recounts some of the crimes Trinity committed before suddenly disappearing. She also mentions the Bay Harbor Butcher case, which was ultimately pinned on James Doakes, and reveals her next episode will be about Brian Moser, Dexter’s brother.

While she doesn’t appear to know of Dexter’s connections, it seems it’s only a matter of time before she starts piecing things together. Watch the clip now on YouTube.


‘Dexter: New Blood’ Theory Says Trinity Will Be Harrison’s Conscience

The next episode airs on Sunday

Dexter will indeed need to keep an eye on Molly if he wants to protect his identity, but for now, he has bigger fish to fry. It seems, based on the description for Dexter: New Blood Episode 5, that Harrison will get into more trouble causing Dexter’s dark passenger to beckon once more.

After that, there will be four episodes left until the finale, which showrunner Clyde Phillips has said will “blow up the Internet.” It’s uncertain if there will be more Dexter: New Blood from there, but star Michael C. Hall hasn’t ruled out the possibility.

“Honestly I think from the day the show ended until we started and perhaps even finished principal photography on this revisitation, it’s been percolating,” he told Collider when asked whether there could be more episodes. “It’s been something that’s been a conscious, maybe sometimes unconscious, preoccupation. And so yeah, absolutely. … There’s been a sense of being unfinished business.”