‘Dexter’ Season 9 Will Use a Familiar Tactic From Season 4 Against New Villain

Dexter is coming back with 10 new episodes this fall. According to some evidence from the set of Dexter Season 9, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) might be recycling some of his strategies to fight the villain in the new episodes.

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan, who may use a similar tactic in the reboot episodes
Michael C. Hall | Christian Weber/CBS via Getty Images

Cast of ‘Dexter’ revival 

So far, Hall is the only actor from the original Dexter cast confirmed for the reboot. Despite his initial hesitations about doing more episodes of the series after it ended, Hall says there’s finally a story worth sharing. 

“I was pleasantly surprised that a story emerged that felt worth telling,” Hall told Louder Than War in April. “I wasn’t surprised that it came back in that there’s been an appetite for it, both from some fans, but also from the network. Oh, he didn’t die, let’s do more, let’s find out what happened to him. But I think the surprise was that a story emerged that felt worth telling.”

Other Dexter actors, including James Remar, say they won’t be back in the new episodes. In a video to a fan, Remar claims none of the original cast was invited back. “It’s too bad because all of us wanted to go back,” says Remar.

Despite this video, some fans are convinced Remar might be lying. Jennifer Carpenter, who played Debra Morgan, was spotted dressed in an outfit reminiscent of one Deb would wear on Instagram.

Other stars like Yvonne Strahovski (Hannah McKay), David Zayas (Angel Batista), and C.S. Lee (Vince Masuka) have not spoken about their involvement in the reboot. Still, many fans are hopeful they’ll turn up in season 9. 

‘Dexter’ reboot: everything we know so far 

Dexter fans are eager to learn more about Dexter Morgan’s new life. At the end of season 8, he faked his death and moved to Oregon to become a lumberjack. But now, it seems Dexter has relocated once again. 

Season 9 will take place in the fictional town of Iron Lake. At this point, fans have surmised Dexter has a new career, too. The serial killer will be working in a shop called Fred’s Fish & Game. 

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And as Hall explained to Louder Than War, Dexter life is completely different from before. “He’s in a different place leading a different life surrounded by different people,” the actor says. “The fact that I’m talking to you from Concord, Massachusetts suggests that it’s not all going to be sun and sand.”

At this point, the only other clue fans have about Dexter Season 9 is the villain. Dexter will face Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown), the “unofficial mayor” of Iron Lake. 

“Powerful, generous, loved by everyone — he’s a true man of the people,” reads the unofficial character description (via TV Line). “If he’s got your back, consider yourself blessed. But should you cross Kurt or hurt anyone that he cares for, God help you.” 

Dexter Morgan might use a season 4 tactic to face the villain in season 9 

According to set photos gathered by Dexter Daily, Hall is seen preparing to film scenes at the truck stop and diner owned by the season 9 villain. Per the outlet, Brown is also allegedly in the photo. 

As such, many fans believe Dexter will befriend his adversary in the new episodes, much like he did with Trinity Killer Arthur Mitchell (John Lithgow) in season 4. Knowing how well that tactic turned out for Dexter, many fans can’t wait to see how this strategy plays out in season 9. 

‘Dexter’ Season 9 release date 

At this time, Showtime hasn’t provided a release date for the new episodes of Dexter. According to sources like Dexter Daily, the cast and crew are still shooting the reboot. 

When Showtime announced the Dexter revival, they promised new episodes in the fall of 2021. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates on when new episodes of Dexter will be released.