Did Farrah Abraham Go To College? Ex ‘Teen Mom’ Star Says She’s About To Graduate

Most people are familiar with Farrah Abraham. Since rising to fame on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant in 2009, Abraham has gone on to make quite a name for herself in the entertainment industry, whether that be good or bad.

Though Abraham is someone who is known for putting her life on display for all to see, there are a few things about her life fans aren’t entirely sure about, including whether or not she went to college.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Farrah Abraham has three college degrees

While it may seem like Abraham has been extremely busy since her days on 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom, she still found time to pursue higher education in the midst of living her lavish, above-average lifestyle.

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According to MTV News, the reality star has accumulated three degrees over the years. She has a degree in culinary arts, one in culinary management, and another in accounting.

In 2012, Abraham told New Times Broward-Palm Beach that she started taking courses in the culinary field before she gave birth to her daughter, Sophia, in 2009.

After continuing her studies throughout her pregnancy, Abraham decided to take a break from school due to work-related reasons. However, she told the outlet she was looking forward to completing her studies and one day obtaining her Master’s degree.

“I’m definitely on my way to completing my master’s degree,” she said. “I’m really excited about that.”

Farrah Abraham’s daughter once forgot she went to college

While it’s unclear when exactly Abraham completed her schooling and obtained her degrees, it’s likely she did so in the last few years as she touched upon her academic accomplishments while recording a YouTube live session in 2019.

During the live stream, the former Teen Mom OG star admitted to having a breakdown when she learned that her daughter Sophia “totally forgot” she pursued degrees in higher education.

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“I had kind of a breakdown today, literally like lost it. Because Sophia, like, totally forgot that I went to college, she totally forgot, like, what I have my degrees in,” Abraham revealed. “She acted like she purely just was random and like, existed out of nowhere.”

She continued, “I support her and everything she does. Just, when you kind of lie about your mom and you’re, like: ‘I don’t know how my mom got here. She’s just here. I’m just here.’ Like, we all know that I’ve worked really, really hard.”

Though Abraham forgave her daughter after she apologized, the Ex on The Beach alum shared that Sophia forgetting her important accomplishments was somewhat hurtful.

“I was really hurt. I was really hurt today, but through my breakdown — you know I have some epic breakdowns — but I guess it’s like, self-development and growth in my own, right?” she said.

The ‘Teen Mom’ alum will soon graduate with another degree

Though she currently has three degrees under her belt, Abraham isn’t done with her schooling just yet.

In July 2020, the reality star revealed to In Touch that she had gone back to college for business entertainment following her exit from Teen Mom OG in 2018 and would be graduating in two months. 

“It’s been a long journey to get back in a positive place, even on the back end, because of a lot of the things,” the star explained. “I have my own focus, my own future. I think that’s more understanding now. And again, it took conversations on the back end, and I can only imagine from a front end of talent, what the conversations would be totally different now.”