Did Hailee Steinfeld Just Take a Shot at Niall Horan?

Hailee Steinfeld is a triple threat entertainer, and one of the most popular young women in the industry today. In a few short years, she has managed to make waves in the acting world as well as rise to the top of the music charts.

Steinfeld is also noted for her dancing and songwriting chops. These days, Steinfeld is focusing mainly on her work in the music business, although her personal life is ensuring that she stays in the headlines on a regular basis. Recently, Steinfeld raised some eyebrows when she seemingly took a pot shot at an ex-boyfriend who has his own rabid fanbase.

How did Hailee Steinfeld become famous?

Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Steinfeld was born in California in 1996 and began acting when she was only ten years old. She earned acclaim as a child actor and appeared in a few television commercials and short films before her big breakout role in 2010’s True Grit.

Steinfeld owned the challenging role of Mattie Ross and she was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Although she did not win the award, Steinfeld received enough attention from her work in the film to receive a big leg up for other big-name projects.

Over the next several years, Steinfeld appeared in a wide variety of films including Romeo and Juliet, Ender’s Game, Begin Again, and the three films in the Pitch Perfect series. She also decided to branch out and pursue a career in music.

Her singles “Most Girls” and “Let Me Go” in 2017 received widespread acclaim from both critics and fans. And, in the years since, she has split her time equally between acting and music. 

When did Hailee Steinfeld start dating Niall Horan?

While Steinfeld had managed for several years to keep her personal life under the radar, in 2017, all of that changed. In December 2017, speculation started that she was in a relationship with One Direction band member Niall Horan.

The rumors began after Horan posted a picture to his Instagram page, calling Steinfeld the “loveliest person on the planet.” Within the next few months, they started stepping out in public together, even attending a Backstreet Boys concert.

In March 2018, Steinfeld posted a picture wearing one of Horan’s tour t-shirts, causing fans to experience mass hysteria and excitement. All throughout late spring and into the summer of that year, Horan and Steinfeld’s relationship continued to heat up, attending numerous events and going on lots of low-key dates.

There were even rumors that the two were on the brink of engagement. But, sadly, their romance wouldn’t last too much longer before burning out completely.

Did Hailee Steinfeld take a shot at her ex?

In December 2018, reports broke that Steinfeld and Horan had broken up. Neither one commented publicly on the reason for the split, so fans were left to wonder just what went wrong between the celebrity couple.

Still, Steinfeld might have teased her breakup in an indirect way in recent days. In late December 2019, a full year after she and Horan broke up, the actress/singer revealed that she would be releasing a song called “Wrong Direction.”

Fans noted immediately that the song could be a reference to her romance with Horan. The lyrics, which were released on January 1st, point to a relationship gone wrong, accusing an unnamed someone of loving with the “worst intentions.”

Certainly, if Steinfeld wanted to generate buzz about her split from Horan, she picked the perfect time and way to do so.