Did Jennifer Esposito Get Along With the ‘NCIS’ Cast?

Jennifer Esposito has played many a supporting character in her television and film career. She recently appeared in the premiere season of Amazon’s The Boys, yet she also starred in Blue Bloods and season 14 of the hit primetime procedural NCIS

In NCIS, Esposito played Special Agent Alexandra “Alex” Quinn, who left her job on the field to become an instructor at the Law Enforcement Training Center. However, Harmon’s Gibbs lures her back into the field as part of his Major Case Response Team; as Deadline notes, he was impressed by her “sharp wit” and on-the-field talents. 

former NCIS star Jennifer Esposito
Jennifer Esposito | Bob D’Amico/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Esposito wasn’t on NCIS for very long, which led some to wonder if behind-the-scenes drama led to the actor’s departure. Yet, according to Esposito her time on the show was great, and quite a positive experience. Thanks to social media and a few interviews, Jennifer Esposito’s time on the show, and the positive relationships she built have come forward. 

Jennifer Esposito on her experience starring in ‘NCIS’ alongside a great cast

Jennifer Esposito left NCIS after starring in one season from 2016 to 2017; she posted to Twitter to give fans a little inside knowledge surrounding her exit. Esposito wrote,

No i am not ill

but I so appreciate your concern. Was not meant to be there long but happy I was. Met some great new friends!  Love 2u all

Jennifer Esposito via Twitter

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Jennifer Esposito told Deadline, “It was a great experience…I could not have asked for a better opportunity than to work with the NCIS cast and producers.”

Between her Twitter post and her statement to Deadline, one would think Esposito commented enough on her NCIS stay. However, in an interview with BUILD Series, she spoke about the show (while she was still in it), and how she was quickly thrown into the action. She appreciated the experience, despite the fact that it was a little hectic at the start. Esposito shared:

NCIS was very quick. I got the job on a Tuesday, and I had to be there by Monday. It was like, “what? Huh.” I was in New York, and that was in LA, so that was pretty insane, but it’s been lovely, it’s been great, they’re great people over there


Jennifer Esposito talks about her ‘NCIS’ character 

Though only on the show for one season, Esposito had enough time to experience a pretty fleshed-out character. When asked about Agent Quinn while starring in the show, Esposito explained to BUILD Series:

She is someone who knew Gibbs before, and she had a history with him, that we have already looked into a little bit. But, she was a teacher…she’s fun…I find out new stuff every day and there’s some interesting writing coming down with her…

BUILD Series

Esposito’s Agent Quinn was a likable character, and though viewers wanted more of her, Esposito left when she felt the time was right.