Did Michelle Duggar Just Lose a Ton of Weight? Fans Seem to Think So

It’s been years since 19 Kids and Counting first aired, but fans have been fascinated with the gigantic Duggar family ever since they first hit our screens. The story begins with Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, two ultra-conservative parents of their 19 kids who require their family to adhere to strict rules regarding dating, what they wear, and how they act. And while many of the Duggar kids are adults with their own families now, we can still keep up with the growing Duggar clan thanks to their Instagram account.

Fans noticed something peculiar on the account in recent months, however — and that’s that Michelle looks thinner than ever. Here’s what fans have to say about her weight loss.

Fans are freaking out over Michelle’s body in her latest Instagram posts

Michelle’s always looked good for a mother of 19, but it’s also been difficult for fans to tell the shape of her body due to the dress code she adheres to. She’s stated before that in order to stay in good faith with God, she and the rest of her girls wear long skirts, shirts with a high neckline, and nothing too form-fitting. It seems she’s loosened up over the years, though — and at the end of 2018, fans began to notice that she was paying more attention to her figure.

In Touch Weekly reports her followers were quick to comment on a few of her Instagram posts. “Holy cow, Michelle looks amazing!” commented one user. “I didn’t realize it was Michelle at first. You can see in her face she lost weight. She looks great!” another said.

Not everyone remarked kindly to Michelle’s changing body, however. One other user commented, “Michelle looks sickly skinny!” — and others “liked” the comment in agreement, too.

Michelle has always credited God for helping her care for her body

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Michelle has discussed her weight and how she keeps an active and healthy lifestyle in the past. Back in 2016, she spoke to Today about the weight gain that came with having so many kids. “It snuck up on me. Before I knew it, I was 40 pounds overweight,” she said. From that moment forward, which was 10 years ago, she decided to make a change for her health — and she credits God for helping her along the way.

It’s no secret that the Duggar family follows the path of Christ, so it makes sense for Michelle to trust in God to help her make healthy lifestyle choices. As she told Today, “I am not the center of my universe, Jesus is.” For that reason, she uses that as motivation to get a workout in in the morning even when she’d rather sleep in. In her words, “I don’t want to get up at 6 in the morning and get on the elliptical, but I take myself off the throne and put Jesus on the throne.”

She’s set fitness and healthy eating as priorities in her life

Following Christ aside, Michelle also wants to be a good example for her daughters, thus why she’s made health and fitness priorities in her life despite being a busy mom of 19, Today explains. When she realized she had gained so much weight, she utilized Weight Watchers to help her shed the excess pounds. “I had to write down everything I put in my mouth and oh, my word, you talk about accountability,” she explained. As for fitness, she also got into the habit of going for walks with the family. Michelle added, “Every evening after dinner we’d all go out walking, I would push the baby and I would walk for an hour. Just enjoying that time outside with my kids.”

Overall, despite whether she gains or loses weight, she always reminds herself that having 19 kids was worth it. She told Today, “I look at Jordyn, I look at Jackson and I think, ‘I remember that stretch mark. You were worth it. And I wouldn’t trade that stretch mark for anything.'”

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