Did Rose Die in ‘Black Summer?’

The fate of Rose is one of the main questions that fans have after watching Black Summer Season 2. Played by actor Jaime King, Rose is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who leads a group including her daughter Anna and several others. In the second season, they tried desperately to reach the airstrip. But Rose was severely injured in the attempt. But did she die? Here’s what we know.

Jaime King as Rose and Zoe Marlett as Anna in Netflix's 'Black Summer'
(L-R) Jaime King as Rose and Zoe Marlett as Anna in a scene from the Netflix series ‘Black Summer’ | Daniel Schaefer/Netflix

Rose got left behind

In the season 2 finale of Black Summer, Rose and Anna were able to make it to the airstrip without injury, but they were captured by Ray upon arrival. When he became distracted, Rose shot a flare gun at him, causing an explosion that threw her back and injured her leg. Anna tried to get her up, but Rose clearly could not move. She urged Anna to leave her there and go with Sun to the plane.

Anna started to follow Sun onto the flight but, perhaps remembering Spears’ words to never leave her mother’s side, decided to turn back. When she got back to Rose, her condition had worsened, with Rose struggling to move and breathe. Anna brought a car around, but she had to think hard about whether to let Rose in, knowing she could die and change at any second. Meanwhile, the plane took off, carrying Sun to a new location.

What happened to Rose in ‘Black Summer?’ Did she die?

The show never cut back to Rose, leaving fans wondering what happens to her. On one hand, it’s hard to imagine she’s gone given how essential she is to the show. But we know Black Summer isn’t a stranger to killing off top characters, either. From Lance to Spears, the show has already murdered plenty of people we thought would stick around much longer. So her fate is still up in the air.

“What I can tease is that whatever you think is gonna happen, will not happen,” King previously told Comic Book about the first season and future episodes of the show. “It will always keep you on your toes.”

“That that would keep people alive for, and that would keep people their seemingly downfall, really comes back to like very real human traits,” she continued. “Like, is the person egotistical? Do they have some kind of ulterior motive, right? What is in each character’s base psychology? That’s what’s so cool about it, is that it really becomes metaphorical to what life is like. Every time I read the script, I just never expected to read what I was going to read.”

What Jaime King hopes for ‘Black Summer’ Season 3

As far as what she wants to happen next, King told Express.co.uk that she has “a few ideas.” One of them, as she explained to Comic Book, would see some of the characters scattered in different places. “But that’s just — I don’t know, sketches,” she continued.

As of writing, the show has not yet been renewed for another season, but it is believed that it will be. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for updates as they become available.

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