Did Sabrina Make a Horrible New Enemy For Part 4 of ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returned on Jan. 24 with eight new episodes in Part 3 of the series. Sabrina Spellman went to Hell and back (literally) and had a lot going on along the way. There was plenty for her mortal friends and coven witches to do, but Sabrina tried to do too much in her own interest. Her savior complex didn’t go anywhere either, and she’s naively optimistic going into Part 4. But did she make a surprise enemy on accident? Spoilers ahead for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3.

Lilith, aka Madame Satan, and Sabrina in Hell, Part 3 of 'CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA.'
Lilith, aka Madame Satan, and Sabrina in Hell, Part 3 of ‘CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA’ | Diyah Pera/Netflix

Sabrina didn’t make the best decisions in Part 3

As stated above, Sabrina’s actions in Part 3 can be seen as selfish, impulsive, and without a lot of forethought. She really tried to save the realms from imbalance by becoming the Queen of Hell, but it just caused Sabrina to turn her back on her coven. Not to mention, she keeps asking her mortal friends to fight with her in Hell. A weird thing to ask of people with no powers, except for Roz. 

At the end of the day, Sabrina did end up saving all of Greendale and the world from an apocalypse, however, she probably created a time paradox and Blackwood set free a time creature. Something’s hinting at the fact that the eldritch terrors he spoke of will be worse than even Satan or the pagans

Lilith is desperate to stay alive longer than Lucifer is planning, creating tension for her and Sabrina

Also, to stop Lucifer from killing her for insubordination, Lilith gets herself pregnant with Satan’s baby, with Blackwood’s help. This stops him from killing her since she’s now carrying his son, however he promised she’d die eventually. According to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, fighting to stay alive and in Lucifer’s good graces will be Lilith’s main goal in Part 4. 

“Her journey moving forward will be how to leverage that baby to get power back from Lucifer and to get that much closer to the throne. That’s very much in play for her for Part 4,” he told TV Guide. Plus, the baby boy isn’t who Lucifer is currently training for the throne, Sabrina is.

“Now that Sabrina is ruling in Hell, it gives us a chance to play out a demonic version of the royal family,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “In Lucifer, we will see someone who is grooming his firstborn to be a real monarch. Sabrina spent a lot of time avoiding that, but what Lucifer wants basically is to pass the family business on to Sabrina and mentor her.

Is Sabrina’s new brother a threat, too? Does she care?

The new baby won’t just be a plot for Lucifer, but might also throw a wrench in Sabrina’s plans to rule in Hell as Queen. “The fact that he’s expecting a boy, that’s part of the reason why he spares Lilith and there’s always questions of succession and questions of who will inherit the crown and throne,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “It always kind of varies depending on who’s a prince, who’s the princess, who’s queen, who’s king, who’s older, who’s worked first… So that’s definitely a variable in the equation in Part 4.”

Because of this, tensions are not only running extremely high between Sabrina and the baby (maybe), but also for Sabrina and Madame Satan. 

Sabrina and Lilith, or Madame Satan, haven’t always been the best of friends. However, they’ve been working towards a common goal more recently, even being allies in Part 3. It seemed like Lilith was going to continue helping Sabrina, as she did in her coronation, but this new obstacle of staying alive will probably change that for them. 

Will Lucifer gain back his Church of Night?

Sabrina poses as Queen of Hell in the finale for Part 3 of 'CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA.'
Sabrina as Queen of Hell in the finale for Part 3 of ‘CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA’ | Diyah Pera/Netflix

Satan was worshipped by more than just the Church of Night. However, it’s a big deal for him that they’ve broken away from the Dark Lord and worship Hecate. He doesn’t give things up easily and certainly doesn’t take a loss as a loss. 

However, Zelda and the rest of the coven are experiencing immense power now that they worship the Triple Goddess. They’re not going to give that up easily, either. “You’ve got a real taste for what that magic and witchcraft looked like when Zelda resurrects Hilda,” Aguirre-Sacasa explained. “To me, that’s actually one of my favorite scenes of the entire series, with all the female witches gathering around the grave and literally pulling Hilda back to life. I’ve seen that scene a hundred times because of edits and all that stuff and it’s still so powerful, this new idea of a dark mother.”

Plus, the showrunner said Part 4 is going to show them “blossoming” under their new goddess. “That kind of witchcraft is very different from the Satanic witchcraft that we had in Parts 1 and 2 and a little bit in Part 3,” he elaborated. “In Part 4 that’s a really exciting change to the coven.”