Is Disney Channel’s ‘Halloweentown’ a Musical? Here’s What We Know About the Movie’s Soundtrack

Whether you’re a witch, warlock, or just a “normie,” Halloweentown is a fan-favorite film for October. There are even some instrumentals that play throughout this Disney Channel movie, as well as its original sequels, now available on Disney+.

'Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic' in the Disney theme parks
‘Decorating Disney: Halloween Magic’ in the Disney theme parks | Troy Harvey via Getty Images

‘Halloweentown’ and its spinoffs initially premiered on the television network, Disney Channel

Halloween is cool, and a mystical Halloween-themed town is even cooler. Viewers took their first trip to Halloweentown in 1998, thanks to Disney Channel. Since then, Disney’s television network premiered several sequels to the original creepy and kooky flick. Most of those featured Marnie Cromwell/Piper, a young witch, as the main character.

“Marnie is such a cool character. I’ve always admired her determination, and her spunk, as well as her rock-solid [belief] in herself, even at a young age,” Kimberly J. Brown said during an interview with Spoiler TV. “For me to be able to play that was such a special fun dream role.” 

“I’m so honored and touched that people have no only enjoyed the movies, but that they continue to enjoy them, so much so that they continue to talk to me about them and want to continue to hear about them,” she continued.

Is ‘Halloweentown’ a musical?

Although there are instrumentals included in Halloweentown, this production is not officially considered a movie musical. It does have an instrumental soundtrack, though, that plays periodically throughout the film. 

Thanks to an album from Retrospectre, the “Halloweentown Theme” is available on Spotify, currently holding over 700,000 plays since its debut. However, other tracks included in this production are not available for streaming.

There are complete instrumental soundtracks of Disney Channel’s Halloween favorites available on music platforms like Spotify. That includes the original soundtrack for Hocus Pocus by John Debney, a live-action film featuring Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler.

Disney Channel has several musical movies under its belt, including ‘Camp Rock,’ ‘High School Musical,’ and ‘Descendants’

Technically, Halloweentown isn’t a musical movie. However, some Disney Channel original movies feature original songs. Productions like Camp Rock featured the vocals of Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers.

Recently, the television network debuted Descendants and its two sequels. Once posted, the music video for Sarah Jeffery’s “Queen of Mean” trended on the video platform YouTube. Dove Cameron’s “If Only” from the original Descendants earned over 70 million plays on Spotify. 

Of course, Disney Channel’s High School Musical trilogy inspired the Disney+ mockumentary series, High School Musical: The Musical: the Series. Disney Channel original movies even featured characters from their beloved television shows. That includes the Wizards of Wavery Place Movie and Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas.

Halloweentown and its many sequels are available exclusively on Disney’s streaming platform, as are Halloween favorites like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, and Don’t Look Under the Bed. To learn more about Disney’s subscription service, visit their website. 

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