From Moana to Snow White — Disney Fan Vote for Their Favorite Princess

Mulan is loyal, brave, and true. Belle is kind, wise, and smart. With a handful of empowering Disney princesses, it’s hard for some to pick a favorite. Still, thanks to one poll, fans learned just which princesses pack the most punch. Who is the fairest (fan-favorite) princess of them all? Here’s our look into the results of one survey, voted on by Disney fans

Belle is the fan-favorite Disney princess, according to one poll 

There are about 12 official Disney princesses created by this company. However, when over 3000 fans were asked for their favorite in a poll conducted by Coming Soon, their answers weren’t exactly surprising.

Keep in mind, this poll was conducted right around the time Frozen 2 premiered in theaters. Elsa and Anna, although they are not listed in the official Disney princess lineup, totally count.

Number one on this list is the main character of Beauty and the Beast. Belle lives a pretty normal life before her father disappears one night. She goes after him and after discovering he’s been captured by a beast, she gives her life to save him. 

This character eventually falls in love with the beast and breaks the curse put on everyone in his castle. She’s kind, smart, and sees beyond people’s physical appearance. Totally admirable. 

Mulan is the second fan-favorite Disney Princess

With a few hundred votes, Mulan is number two on the fan-favorite Disney princess list and she totally deserves it. Throughout her movie, fans see Mulan defy gender norms to bring honor to her father, family, and China.

She’s true to herself and even though that means putting herself in danger, she decides it’s worth it to save the people she loves. This character was actually supposed to get a live-action remake of her original animated movie. That premiere has since been postponed by Disney, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Snow White in the Disney Junior series, 'Sofia: The First'
Snow White in the Disney Junior series, ‘Sofia: The First’ | Disney Junior via Getty Images

Other favorite Disney princesses include Ariel, Rapunzel, and Elsa

There are a few other Disney princesses that still made the “Top Five” for this poll. That includes Ariel, the headstrong, independent red-head from The Little Mermaid. In her movie, Ariel wanted to be a human and eventually made a deal with the sea witch to get legs. 

The brave and spirited main character of Tangled, Rapunzel, is the fourth on this list. Kidnapped as a child, Rapunzel wanted to spend a day outside of her tower. She goes on an adventure to follow her dream and eventually discover the truth about her past. 

Of course, although Elsa is technically a queen and even the “fifth spirit” connecting the humans to the natural world, she made the cut for fan-favorite Disney princesses. She appears in Frozen and Frozen 2, along with her younger sister, Anna.

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