Does Disney+ Have ‘Good Luck Charlie’?

If you’re looking to watch episodes of this Disney Channel original series, well, good luck, Charlie. It’s been a few years since this comedy series was broadcast on Disney’s television network. 

Thankfully, Good Luck Charlie is available on one major streaming platform. Here’s what we know about this show.

Disney Channel's 'Good Luck Charlie' episode titled 'Good Bye Charlie'
Disney Channel’s ‘Good Luck Charlie’ episode titled ‘Good Bye Charlie’ | Eric McCandless/DISNEY CHANNEL via Getty Images

‘Good Luck Charlie’ originally debuted on the television network, Disney Channel

Most viewers can agree that the Duncans are a pretty special family. To help her baby sister navigate the challenges of adulthood, Teddy Duncan created video diaries throughout high school. 

As a result, fans saw her unique adventures with her bug-obsessed father, eccentric mother, troublemaking brother Gabe, and kind brother PJ. Eventually, another baby, named Toby, was added to the Duncan family.

The first episode of Good Luck Charlie premiered in 2010. Since then, Disney Channel released four seasons featuring actors like Shane Harper and Genevieve Knight Hannelius. Most episodes starred Bridgit Mendler as the main character, Teddy Duncan. Now, there are a few ways to watch episodes of this comedy.

Is ‘Good Luck Charlie’ available on Disney+?

Good Luck Charlie was initially broadcasted on the television network titled Disney Channel. This series has since ended. However, there are still a few ways to binge-watch episodes of this original comedy. 

Good Luck Charlie fans can purchase physical copies of this series at retailers like Target and Amazon. Additionally, digital copies are available for purchase and for rent on Amazon. 

To binge-watch the entire series, fans can head to Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+, where every episode of Good Luck Charlie is available. That includes the two-part Hawaii special and the crossover episode with the Disney Channel series Jessie.

Because this series is listed in the Disney+ streaming library, it will presumably never make its debut on rival subscription services like Netflix and HBO MAX. 

Disney+ also features ‘Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas!’

In 2011, the cast of this Disney Channel original series also acted in the holiday special. That’s Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas, where the Duncan family took a Christmas vacation to sunny Palm Springs. That was their intention, at least. 

When Teddy took a later flight in exchange for a free plane ticket, she and Amy went on an adventure together, traveling through Nevada by bus, car, and even bicycle. This TV movie is also available on Disney+. 

This wouldn’t be the last fans saw of the Good Luck Charlie cast. In 2020, these actors reunited for a virtual reunion in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Some Good Luck Charlie cast members even attended Mendler’s wedding

“Your big brother’s always here for you, B. Love you, and wish you all the best. Congratulations,” Jason Dolley captioned his Instagram photos. Good Luck Charlie is available on Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+. To learn more about this subscription service, visit their website. 

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