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Merida is pretty good with a bow and arrow, while Elsa from Frozen can literally shoot ice from her fingertips. The Disney princesses are strong both inside and out. Which are the most powerful Disney princesses? Which one would win in a fight? Here’s what fans are saying about these dangerous and empowering characters.

Elsa has her ice powers 

One of the most obvious choices, technically, isn’t a princess in the official Disney lineup. However, Queen Elsa is born with magical ice powers and can shoot ice and snow from her hands. She can create snow monsters, break out of jail, and communicate with the elemental spirits of the enchanted forest. Not many Disney princesses can do that. 

“Which Disney princess would win in a fight? Elsa is the only answer for that. She may be the most powerful in all Disney,” one Twitter user wrote.

Disney's 'Pocahontas'
Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ | Image by Disney Junior via Getty Images

Pocahontas is unapologetically outspoken

Though she might fight for peace during her movie, Pocahontas isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in (and fight for who she loves.) She literally risks her own life and her father’s wrath to save John Smith. She can also talk to animals, understand other languages, and connect with nature, which is pretty cool. 

“I’m going with Pocahontas. She seems like a strong woman who can take care of herself,” one Twitter user said.

Moana has the power of the ocean on her side

The ocean itself is pretty powerful when it wants to be. When Maui tells Moana that she will never be a Wayfinder, the ocean puts a dart in his butt. When Moana asks the ocean to part so she can walk to Te Ka, it does. Her and Elsa together would be a pretty powerful combination. 

Mulan is a literal warrior

Not only does Mulan defy gender stereotypes to save her father and join the army, but she quickly becomes one of the most powerful fighters there. She saves everyone with her quick thinking, causing an avalanche even if it meant risking her own life.

It’s that courage that makes Mulan a Disney princess, even though she technically doesn’t even have a crown. She’s also one of the most courageous and brave of the bunch.


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Merida is pretty good at archery 

Some consider this Pixar-created princess among Disney’s lineup. If you do, she’s a pretty fierce character in terms of her archery skills. In fact, she’s better than the eligible bachelors at three of the neighboring kingdoms. She comes face-to-face with a dangerous bear multiple times. No matter the danger, Merida can take care of herself. 

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