Disney’s ‘Gravity Falls’ Creator Alex Hirsch and Writer Shion Takeuchi Unveil New Show, ‘Inside Job’ on Netflix

Netflix teams up with Alex Hirsch and Shion Takeuchi, this time with a more adult-oriented animated show. Inside Job on Netflix follows a Deep State team who commit the conspiracy theories of the world. Whether it’s a government coverup or a famous person frozen, the dysfunctional employees at Cognito, Inc. are probably involved.

Alex Hirsch poses with fans at 'Gravity Falls' book signing.
‘Gravity Falls’ Writer/animator Alex Hirsch | Brandon Williams/Getty Images

‘Inside Job’ on Netflix; Conspiracy Theories in a Time of Rampant Speculation

Everywhere you turn, the news is being proven and just as often disproven. Even still, a number of conspiracy theories hold no water. Most people can assume there are no reptilian overlords, at least.

Inside Job on Netflix imagines a world where those outlandish conspiracy theories are 100% true.

Audiences familiar with Hirsch and Takeuchi’s work, namely on Gravity Falls, know this premise fits perfectly with their style. Whole fantasy worlds built on that shadow in the corner of your eye are their specialty.

However, the concept required balance. Careful not to skew too far, Takeuchi clarified to Variety.

“There needs to be an asterisk in this day and age because there are lots of things we’d never like to promote being true,” Takeuchi said. “We always try to find our own way into a conspiracy theory, the classic ones. We never say that what you heard on the internet somewhere is exactly how the theory was perpetrated.”

‘X-Files’ for Kids, but for Adults

Hirsch said via Variety that he’s “more interested in telling the stories he grew up seeing” like “the X-Files, delivered in a more playful way.”

Despite aiming for a more light-hearted tone, the page for Inside Job on Netflix reads ‘Adult Animation.’ With how twisted some conspiracies get, younger audiences may want to avoid the show for now.

“There was a kitschiness and playfulness to it. A ‘90s culture digesting what happened in the ’60s and ’70s and putting a fun spin on it,” Hirsch said.

With fans still asking five years later when Gravity Falls season 3 comes out (despite Hirsch saying numerous times that the show was over), perhaps Inside Job on Netflix can scratch that itch. 

Voice Actors for ‘Inside Job’ on Netflix

No need for conspiracy theories on who voices the secretive cast. Entertainment Weekly offered a first look into the voices and characters.

Masters of Sex’s Lizzy Caplan plays Reagan Ridley, an anti-social genius. Joining her is Reagan’s disgraced father Rand (Dr. Death‘s Christian Slater). The final lead is Brett Hand, played by Clark Duke (Kick-Ass).

Andrew Daly (Big Mouth), Bobby Lee (Pineapple Express, and Futurama), and Adventure Time’s John DiMaggio are just a few.

Others include Empire and Harley Quinn’s Tisha Campbell and Stranger Thing’s Brett Gelman.

A cast all set and the show sure to play on the strengths of both Hirch and Takeuchi, fans barely contain their excitement.

And ravenous fans are already conspiracy theorizing about when we can expect to see Inside Job on Netflix. Luckily, fans can expect the show to drop on October 22, 2021, just in time for Halloween.

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