Do Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge ad Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are two of the most high-profile women in the British royal family. Even though, technically, Meghan is no longer considered to be a senior royal. Both women have regularly made headlines for their fashion choices, and both are married to men who have been beloved by the British public since childhood.

Kate Middleton
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Meghan and Kate are both mothers, with Kate taking charge of three little ones and Meghan figuring out the ropes with her one-year-old son, Archie Harrison. With Mother’s Day varying from nation to nation, many royal fans wonder how and when Kate and Meghan celebrate Mother’s Day.

How did Meghan Markle celebrate her first Mother’s Day?

Meghan gave birth to Archie Harrison in May 2019, while she and Prince Harry were still senior members of the British royal family. Archie Harrison’s birth was a cause for celebration in England, with thousands of eager fans waiting for the first glimpse of the baby.

Since Archie Harrison was born in early May, Meghan was able to celebrate her first U.S. Mother’s Day in 2019 as a brand-new mom. According to reports, Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, stayed with the couple when Archie was born, which probably made the occasion even more special. 

American Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year, and since Markle was born and raised in California, it is likely that she celebrates both the American Mother’s Day as well as the United Kingdom’s “Mothering Sunday,” which is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The couple actually gave a sweet shout-out to moms everywhere on March 22nd, when they shared a special Mothering Sunday post to their Instagram account. 

Kate Middleton had a low-key celebration

Kate has been celebrating U.K. Mother’s Day since 2014, having given birth to her first child, Prince George, in July 2013. Since then, she has had two more children, Princess Charlotte in 2015, and Prince Louis in 2018.

As a hardworking mom of three, the Duchess of Cambridge keeps a very busy schedule. Therefore, it is likely that Prince William makes sure to do something special for Mothering Day. 

This year, Mothering Day looked slightly different for Kate. With the royal family in quarantine, reports claim that Prince William, Kate, and their children, likely spent the bulk of their time at their country home in Norfolk. The family did post to their Instagram page in honor of the special day and included a snapshot of the sweet card that Prince George made for his mother.

Even if Kate didn’t get to treat herself to a lavish vacation or weekend away, she probably enjoyed Mothering Day, all the same, surrounded by her loving family. And since Kate doesn’t have many national ties to the U.S., the duchess likely doesn’t celebrate American Mother’s Day.

Will Meghan Markle celebrate Mother’s Day in the United States?

American Mother’s Day will also look quite different for Meghan. Earlier this spring, Meghan and Prince Harry moved to Los Angeles, to be closer to her mother and to pursue their own business interests.

With California still under heavy lockdown, Meghan and Prince Harry will likely not be able to leave the house for a fancy dinner or a family day out. Still, with this year’s holiday being so close to Archie Harrison’s first birthday, the family will definitely find some way to celebrate in the comfort of their own brand-new home.

Fans shouldn’t look out for Meghan and Prince Harry to post anything for Mother’s Day this year, however — they recently announced that they would no longer be keeping up with their Sussex Royal Instagram account.