Do the Royals Treat Kate Middleton’s Family Different Than Meghan Markle’s Mom?

The royal family is famously private. They have their rules and traditions they expect to be upheld. When someone marries into the royal family, they undergo a huge lifestyle change.

Agreeing to all of the rules and regulations certainly can’t be easy. Suddenly, you are thrust into a completely different world, and for senior royals such as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, that often means that you can’t spend as much time with your family as you probably used to.

Some royal fans have observed in the last year that Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, gets treated somewhat differently thanĀ Kate Middleton’s family. Let’s take a look at the royal treatment that Doria and the Middleton family have received.

Doria was invited to Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate

One of the main aspects of being a member of the world’s most famous family is that you spend every Christmas at the queen’s countryside estate in Sandringham. Kate Middleton has spent every year since her wedding here and even attended the annual celebration before she was married to Prince William. Will and Kate normally visit the Middleton family in the Village of Bucklebury a few days after Christmas, as non-family members typically are not invited to Sandringham.

However, it was a pleasant surprise when Queen Elizabeth invited Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, to spend Christmas with the family! Although she had to decline, the sweet gesture did not go unnoticed. Nor did the fact that Kate’s family has never been invited to the annual royal gathering!

Prince Charles walked arm in arm with Meghan’s mother at the royal wedding

Although Michael and Carole Middleton are cordial, even friendly, with the royal family, they can be seen in photographs of Will and Kate’s wedding walking a few steps behind Prince Charles and Camilla, Harry, and Queen Elizabeth.

Wherever the royals go, they are always front and center. At Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle, Doria Ragland can be seen exiting the chapel after the ceremony with her arm adorably linked in Prince Charles’s. We have never seen him link arms with, or even walk beside, Kate’s mom.

Doria was at a royal event

For the most part, Kate’s family has never attended a royal event, especially in the first few years of her marriage to Prince William. However, Doria was at one of Meghan’s first events as a Royal, which was the launch of her charity cookbook.

She proudly flew to London from Los Angeles to celebrate her daughter’s accomplishment, interacting closely with Meghan, Harry, and the guests at the event. This is something that after eight years of marriage, we have yet to see the Middleton family do.

Prince Harry is very close to his mother-in-law

Prince Harry adores Doria, and it shows. While William certainly has a good relationship with Kate’s family, Harry can be seen hugging Doria on occasion, engaging in conversation with her, and singing his praises to his mother-in-law!

While Prince William may very well do the same behind closed doors with Carole, he tends to be slightly more reserved when the flashbulbs are going off!

Doria may be living at Meghan and Harry’s new home in Windsor

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle and her mother, Doria Ragland | Steve Parsons – Pool / Getty Images

Fans were delighted to hear that it is a definite possibility that Doria may move into Frogmore Cottage with Meghan and Harry when the baby arrives! The home is undergoing massive renovations, and there is certainly more than enough room for the grandmother of the new baby to live with the family.

While this doesn’t seem like a huge deal, fans should keep in mind that it would be unheard of for any of the Middleton’s to ever live with William and Kate. Although Meghan’s mom would be relocating from another country, this is something that typically doesn’t happen with the royal family.

Looks like Doria has an excellent relationship with all of the royal family members!