Do You Know How Long It Would Take to Binge the Entirety of ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

The Big Bang Theory fans in the United States can finally stream the entire series for the first time since the show wrapped its 12th season. When HBO Max launched on May 27, an entire world of streaming options opened up. Friends, for example, is serving as the service’s flagship series, but subscribers are just as excited to finally reconnect with Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter, Raj Koothrappali, and Howard Wolowitz. So, how long would it take to binge the entire series?

The Big Bang Theory proves to be a big pull for HBO Max

HBO Max had its work cut out for itself when the service was announced. The streaming service arena has become increasingly crowded in the last 12 months. While Netflix and Hulu were the only names in the game for years, several new services have emerged that have brought big competition. HBO Max, which has the highest price tag of any of the existing services, has one thing other platforms don’t have. The service has some of the most beloved series of all time.

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Aside from allowing fans to stream Friends for the first time since the series left Netflix in January 2020, HBO Max has also offered fans access to The Big Bang Theory, the original version of The Office and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The service also houses a plethora of HBO-exclusive content.

How long would it take to binge all of The Big Bang Theory?

Now that the series is available to stream, many fans have taken to binging the entirety of the show, hoping to pick up on continuity issues, easter eggs and little details they may have missed the first time around. Those who undertake the challenge will need a good amount of time to dedicate to the project, though.

Raj (Kunal Nayyar, right) helps Sheldon (Jim Parsons, center) and Howard (Simon Helberg, left) attempt to resolve a wager over the species of a cricket
Raj Koothrappali, Howard Wolowitz, and Sheldon Cooper | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

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According to Digital Spy, The show’s official run-time is 139 hours and 39 minutes. That equals five full days, 19 hours, and 30 minutes of science-based fun. The first season, which contained just 17 episodes, would be the quickest to get through. The final season of the show would take viewers the longest to binge.

What is the best episode of The Big Bang Theory?

The Big Bang Theory is a bit of an anomaly. While fans despised many shows’ final episodes, The Big Bang Theory’s last episode is the show’s most beloved. According to IMDb, “The Stockholm Syndrome” carries a rating of 9.6 out of 10. In the episode, Sheldon and Amy receive the Nobel Prize. Sheldon’s acceptance speech was heavily discussed in the days and weeks following the finale.  

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik)
Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) and Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

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The next most popular episode came in Season 2. The 11th episode of the season, titled “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis,” received an average rating of 9.2 on IMDb. In the episode, Sheldon is forced to figure out a way to give Penny an excellent Christmas gift because she casually mentioned she had gotten him a gift. Sheldon, however, was gobsmacked when Penny provided a gift that he couldn’t possibly attach a monetary figure to.