‘Doctor Strange 2’ May Resurrect 2 Underdeveloped MCU Characters

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to become one of, if not the, most crucial Phase 4 installment. The movie will both initiate the conversation between the small and silver screen — with WandaVision directly impacting the Doctor Strange sequel — and set up the evolution of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange MCU
Benedict Cumberbatch is seen filming ‘Doctor Strange’ | Michael Stewart/GC Images

The Infinity Stones were the foundation for Thanos’ entrance; the multiverse will be the foundation for the new saga set to unfold. Kevin Feige recently explained:

The multiverse is the next step in the evolution of the MCU and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is going to crack it open in ways that will have repercussions for a Disney+ series before it that’s not WandaVision and for movies after it in a big fun way.


Doctor Strange 2 will hold large implications for the ever-expanding Marvel landscape, as the film will present opportunities for alternate worlds: realities in which different versions of familiar characters exist, in which different narratives have plagued and pacified different individuals, in which deceased characters are still alive…

As for the last, and arguably the most exciting possibility, recent reports indicate that two characters — who boast more consequential roles in the Marvel comic world will come back to life — gaining some much-needed screentime, following their brief visits. 

Will ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ resurrect Quicksilver and Mar-Vell? 

According to We Got This Covered — relying on the same sources who knew Marvel Studios was eyeing Danielle Radcliffe for Moon Knight (recently confirmed)— a few character resurrections may be in the cards now that the Multiverse is in play. In other words, now that Marvel has a plot device capable of making any implausibility not only plausible but presentable, imaginations can run amok. 

The outlet goes on to note that Quicksilver and Mar-Vell are likely to return. While both could appear in Doctor Strange 2, the movie may present one (and lay the groundwork for the other), both characters, or neither (yet establish the basis for both reintroductions). 

Quicksilver and Mar-Vell both deserve more screen-time given their relevance to the Marvel comic landscape

These two characters seem like strong possibilities, as both boast more complex narratives — greater independent and interdependent value — in the Marvel comics. Aaron Taylor-Johnson took on Quicksilver for a single installment — Age Of Ultron — before he was killed off, and Annette Benning played Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel, before meeting her untimely fate. 

Annette Benning played the character — usually portrayed by a male — and the Kree scientist’s shtick faced some major alterations. However, the multiverse could open up the opportunity for Bening to align with the comic book interpretation, as different circumstances could paint a different Mar-Vell. 

When it comes down to it, both Quicksilver and Mar-Vell deserved a bit more emphasis in the MCU, a bit more recognition. Yet, prolonged stays didn’t mesh with the Infinity Saga’s grand plan; the multiverse may just present the opportunity to restore a little depth to these characters.