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An A-Force film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) — a movie with all the superheroines who have come to or will come to define the Avengers landscape — has all but been confirmed. Captain Marvel is prepping for a second standalone installment. Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will likely take the God of Thunder’s hammer following Thor: Love and Thunder. Ms. Marvel is on the way. And, a She-Hulk series featuring Banner’s famous cousin, Jennifer Walters, is also coming to Disney+. 

Marvel Studios MCU
Marvel Studios MCU | Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Avengers: Infinity War

In other words, many of the characters who would partake in such a movie will be joining the MCU — either via the small-screen or the silver one — in the near future. Yet, does an A-force movie make sense, or does it inherently present a few problems? Avengers fans weighed in on the potential for an A-Force movie online, discussing whether the film would work in the existing landscape

Why some MCU fans feel an ‘A-Force’ movie doesn’t make sense in the existing landscape

Some fans noted that the Avengers who exist in the MCU — as well as those who come to exist — are intimately connected to certain male heroes, who wouldn’t just vanish or cease to lend a hand in times of crisis. Thus, an all-female movie could come off as cheesy if the premise feels forced and narratively implausible, existing merely as a means to send a message. One fan stated: 

I can’t think of any reason that all of the women in the MCU would get together without the men joining in that doesn’t come off cheesy.

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Another fan chimed in to concur with the above statement, noting:

My thoughts exactly, i’m sure an A-Force film would be great – but there would never be any reason for it other than to be political in the real world.

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Certain storylines could work, and the MCU already chooses who to dismiss based on convenience 

While many fans agree that an A-Force team may feel like a stretch narratively speaking, it’s important to note that standalone installments wouldn’t exist if those behind the landscape did not decide who is simply available when convenient. 

Though all the MCU heroes are intimately connected, Thor doesn’t show up in every Iron Man movie, and so on and so forth. So, why does the A-Force have to be any different? Some fans also noted that certain comic book trajectories would make more sense than others. One fan recounted a possible storyline with Valkyrie at the center: 

Newly minted King Thor and #1 fan of the Valkyries tasks Valkyrie to reform the order of female warriors choosing the most formidable female fighters in Midgard and space. Title: “The Valkyries”, based on the “Fearless Defenders” comic.

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While many have jumped to the conclusion that Captain Marvel will lead and assemble the A-Force, such news has not been confirmed. Valkyrie — who already possesses a pivotal role in the MCU — could play a hand in developing a new force of female fighters to reform the preexisting order of warriors. Many fans note that this approach would work narratively without feeling like an off-screen political agenda is taking over the silver screen.