Does Bobby Flay Have a Close Relationship With His Daughter, Sophie Flay?

When it comes to stars of the Food Network, we’re all familiar with Bobby Flay. From his early days cooking barbecue to his more recent ventures as an Iron Chef and in reality competition shows, we’ve come to love his southwestern flair and calm demeanor while doing what he does best — creating delicious cuisine.

Bobby’s no stranger to media attention, either. Over the years, he’s had plenty of highly-publicized romances and a few scandals along the way, too. Even his daughter, Sophie, has gotten the spotlight a few times. As for their relationship, many wonder what it’s really like — and here’s what we’ve gathered.

Bobby had his only child, Sophie, with his second wife, Kate Connelly

So far, Bobby Flay has been married three times — but he had his only child, with his second wife, Kate Connelly. According to The New York Times, Kate was the co-host of the cooking show, Robin Leach Talking Food. The show was known for its quirkiness, and it brought on plenty of celebrity guests. Bobby Flay was one such guest, which is where the two first met. At the time, Kate was an unmarried mother, and Bobby was divorced from his first wife.

As Robin Leach said, “For both, there was an instant attraction, yet instant danger signals. She was warned that he was a real bachelor, and he realized he met the woman he was going to give up bachelorhood for.” And only a few months into dating, Bobby proposed smoothly with an engagement ring in hand. They were married soon after, and when Bobby was asked what he thought about becoming a husband and a step-father, he said, “It’s a complicated situation and the odds are against us, but that’s what’s great about it. If there’s no challenge, why do it?”

Their marriage didn’t last, but he did get one happy thing out of it — and that’s Sophie, who he calls the “Best daughter of all time.”

They evidently have a great relationship

As far as Bobby and Sophie’s relationship is concerned, it appears the two are thick as thieves. In addition to Bobby constantly gushing about his daughter via Instagram, she’s also made several TV appearances with him herself. People reports fans have seen her on Beat Bobby Flay.

When it comes to parenting, Bobby has also noted in the past, “In some ways I’m the push over and she kind of knows that, but I have to say to her credit, she makes parenting a lot easier than it could be because she’s a great kid.” And though Bobby is clearly constantly busy with his Food Network ventures and opening new restaurants, he makes sure he spends plenty of time with his little girl. Today notes the two have been seen out and about all over the country, especially in the New York area.

Sophia has expressed how proud she is of her father’s accomplishments, too. Back in February 2018, she posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “So happy we were able to celebrate this guy and his all of his hard work at @sobewffest this weekend! Congrats dad you deserve it!”

Bobby and Sophie have their own show coming out in 2019

It appears we’ll be seeing a lot more of Sophie on TV in the future. The Daily Meal notes Bobby just signed a three-year contract with Food Network for a show called The Flay List that he’ll be starring in with Sophie. According to the publication, it’ll premiere in Spring 2019.

We’re not totally sure what the show will be about, but according to Food Network president Courtney White, Bobby will continue to provide his unique perspective on food with his daughter. “Bobby has a unique way of inviting audiences to experience food through the lens of his own passion,” Courtney White said. “He’s both an expert as well as approachable, someone most people feel they know and can trust to steer their own culinary curiosities.”

Many suspect Bobby’s upcoming show may indulge his daughter’s sweet tooth a bit, too. She’s posed with cupcakes and mimosas for Instagram photos in the past. We’ll just have to wait and see what the famous father-daughter duo come up with.

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