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While spouting conspiracy theories sounds like something Donald Trump (or the notorious QAnon) would do, there isn’t any question our President seems to send subtle political messages. We already know Trump uses specific body language to try to impress people and intimidate. Rumors are he’s doing the same thing with the ties he wears.

The idea of a tie making a statement may seem ridiculous when all politicians wear ties that seemingly look alike. Yet, when discussing President Trump, we’re talking about someone who’s different from everyone else. Is he really old school in sending hidden messages through his likely expensive ties?

Patriotic colors

If you have the fortitude to pay attention to Trump’s Twitter account, then you’ve probably noticed he posts pics and videos of himself at times, giving a chance to see his business suit match-ups of the day.

It’s clear some of the messages he sends in his ties aren’t always so subtle. For instance, in his New Year’s Eve video message discussing his desired border wall, he was clearly wearing red and blue as a patriotic symbol.

One thing is clear: It’s very rare to see Trump wearing a blue tie or any other lighter color (other than his jacket). Once in a great while, we’ve seen him wear a blue tie with white dots to represent a part of the flag.

When he meets with important people or political adversaries, you can almost expect one particular tie color to show up.

The psychology behind red ties

Those of you who pay attention to Trump’s ties may have noticed one dominant color he wears 95% of the time: Red.

Most recently, we saw him wear a very bright red tie when posting a video about the importance of border security. In just about any photo you find of the President talking with someone important, a red tie is always present.

According to many sources, the red tie is a major power symbol, something that arose out of the corporate attitudes of the 1980s. You could say a lot of what formed Donald Trump came out of this era, not including influences from other close associates (like Roy Cohn) in prior decades.

In some cases, it’s not always about the tie colors Trump chooses. You’ll find some sources adding a very Freudian view of how long those ties are.

Does the length of Trump’s ties also mean something?

It’s no secret Trump loves wearing long, red ties. We really haven’t seen enough analysis of why he wears these, though many media outlets have more than insinuated it’s another power move. Some have even suggested it’s a Freudian phallic symbol.

If true, then Trump isn’t afraid to show this off in the most illogical places. First Lady Melania Trump even posted pics of the President showing off his long red tie when the official White House Christmas tree arrived this last December.

None of these theories should be written off, because we know President Trump enjoys power. What more his ties may mean is probably wide open to interpretation.

Trump the enigma

Donald Trump walks toward reporters before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn
Donald Trump walks toward reporters before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn. | Drew Angerer/ Getty Images

Despite a lot of analysis of President Trump’s body language, it’s still clear he’s a mystery to those who study body language. Perhaps he’s sending a lot more messages in his ties about what he believes in and what his motivations are.

To some, this might be a scary prospect. For others, maybe inspiring.

However you want to interpret the colors and lengths of his ties, he does take some color exceptions on rare occasions. Why Trump wore a lavender tie to the official turkey pardon around Thanksgiving is anyone’s guess, unless it was to denote a color of royalty so the turkeys wouldn’t upstage him.