What Does John David Duggar Do for a Living?

Before meeting his wife and starting a family, John David Duggar was a self-proclaimed “bachelor ’til the rapture.” However, many things have changed in Duggar’s life in such a relatively short period that many of his fans have been left wondering what the TLC Counting On star does for a living. Find out if he partakes in the family business or has his own path.

Who is John David Duggar?

John David Duggar, Josiah Duggar, and Joseph Duggar sit beside each other in a home setting dressed casually
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Duggar is the third child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. He has a twin sister called Jana. Jim Bob and Michelle saw the twins as a blessing from God and decided to have 16 more children. Duggar was homeschooled, and as he grew older, the responsibility of teaching his younger siblings homework fell on him.

The Counting On star took his GED test when he was 16 years old. The Duggar family implemented a buddy system in 2001 to help instill responsibility in the children. The buddy system saw each older child getting assigned a younger child to take care of. Some of the duties in the buddy system included dressing, bathing, and feeding the younger ones.

Duggar took piano lessons from Ruth Anita Anderson and also attended violin classes. In 2015 news broke out that Duggar’s older brother Joshua had abused his siblings and had an affair. The entire Duggar family was thrown into disarray and underwent a major dynamic shift.

After Josh’s public downfall, the responsibility of being the eldest fell on his younger brother, who also became the family’s official spokesperson. Fans have watched John David Dugger take on the role effortlessly as he helped his younger siblings with their careers and almost everything around the house, including building his siblings’ treehouses.

With all the responsibilities at home, it seemed that Duggar did not have any interest in getting married. He watched his other younger siblings walk down the aisle and begin their families, and much like his twin sister Jana, Duggar wanted to take his time and enjoy the single life. However, all that changed when he met Abbie Burnett.

The pair announced they were dating in June 2018 and got married in November after Duggar proposed in a hanger. Duggar and his wife Abbie announced they were expecting their first child, welcoming Grace Annette Duggar in February 2020.

What does Duggar do for a living?

Duggar is a jack-of-all-trades, and his ability to juggle every one of his jobs proves how responsible he is. Diehard fans of Counting On will remember that Duggar volunteered as a constable in his hometown in Arkansans.

He even took his father on a ride-along in one of the show’s episodes. In the town, a constable’s duties are similar to those of a police officer, with the only exception being constables are elected into office. In 2018 Duggar got reelected as a constable and once again won the election in February 2020.

Distractify also reports that Duggar is a pilot and has held his pilot license for some years now. He also obtained his helicopter pilot license, although it’s unclear whether he gets paid to fly. Duggar also helps his father in their family’s side business, as many other Duggar boys do.

What is Duggar’s net worth

Duggar’s wife Abbie was a registered nurse before she and Duggar got together. She, however, quit her job and moved to Arkansas to plan for her nuptials to Duggar. Abbie said she hopes to “go back to nursing one day.”

Aside from all his jobs, Duggar also appears in the TLC series Counting On, meaning he has a stable source of income to take care of his wife and daughter. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Duggar is worth $1 million.

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